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How To: Enable Remote Connections for SQL 2005, 2008

Posted on 29, Nov 2010

SQL Server 2008

Read further details here: Enable remote connections for SQL 2008

SQL Server 2005

See How to configure remote connections for SQL Server 2005 (Technet).

SQL Configuration Manager

Run SQL Server Configuration Manager.

SQL Configuration Manager

Expand SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration node.

Click Protocols for SQL Express.

Double click TCP/IP. Dialog TCPI/Properties will appear.

Set Enabled=Yes. Click IP Address tab.

Set Active = Yes. Set Enabled = Yes.

Client Protocols

Expand  SQL Native Client Configuration. Double click TCP/IP to display TCP/IP Properties.

Set Default Port = 1433, Enabled = Yes.

Now is access to SQL Server by TCP/IP enabled.

Next step is to enable Remote Connections.

How to enable remote connections

Run SQL Server Surface Area Configuration.

Click Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections.

In screen that will appear expand your server, Database Engine, Remote Connections.

Click Local and remote connections.

Choose Using both TCP/IP and named pipes.

Firewall settings

SQL Server requires enabled TCP and UDP ports. Run Windows Firewall from Control Panel.

Display Exceptions tab.

Click Add port button. Dialog Add a Port will appear.


  • Name = MSSQL tcp
  • Port nuber = 1433
  • TCP

Repeat these steps to add UDP port with values:

  • Name = MSSQL ucp
  • Port nuber = 1434
  • UDP

Further firewall tips