Bugs, incidents, problems, and service requests in Agile

It happens. Once again. 2nd level support teams (outside of scrum/agile) raised new incident towards the scrum teams (3rd level support). How to prioritize work between business requirements and non-business requirements where PO is focusing on business requirements primary? Product Owner should not focus on business requirements only. Product Owner is responsible [...]

Release planning with ScrumDesk

Planning in Agile Our aim is to create a tool very similar to the physical board on which team members are working with cards in different corners of the planning board. The board that can be split into more panes  and swim lines representing either backlog, different releases or sprints. The board on which you can see customer's stories. Product owners [...]

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Agile product backlog management with ScrumDesk

An index card for user story Fundamental XP practice is to keep requirements written on an index card. The index card should be: small, therefore requirement has to be written clearly, movable, so the product backlog is visually clean, resizable, so the size of cards can help to organize backlog, colored, so teams can categorize [...]

Epics and themes management with ScrumDesk

Epics and Themes Products are typically described by hundreds of requirements which are organized in the product backlog and represented by index cards. Large requirements, epics, cannot be completed in one sprint so they are broken into more user stories. Epics are then delivered in releases. But even small user stories from different epics can have something in common. Such group of user [...]

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ScrumDesk – add new project

A lot of agile teams work for different clients. Projects are typically owned and managed by client and teams are contracted as developers who need an access to requirements and work tracking. ScrumDesk, therefore, supports a concept of projects listed by organizations for which you have been invited to work. Project details A new project is in [...]

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Invite your colleagues to ScrumDesk

In ScrumDesk you can track a work for one or more organizations. Organization account An organization account is created automatically based on information entered in Sign Up form. For this organization your user, the account will be assigned as an administrator which gives you privilege to manage user accounts plus other details (not available in beta). Send invitations Once you [...]

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FAQ: Could not load SqlClrProvider assembly

Symptoms Error "Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlClrProvider, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91' or one of its depedencies. The system cannot find the file specified." is displayed during the installation of the repository. Alternative error with the same solutions is 'Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.SqlServer.BatchParserClient, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91' or one of its dependencies. [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows – API attachments limits

REST API is in Microsoft Information Server configured by default to transfer binary data of maximum size of 65KB. The size is configurable by parameter maxReceivedMessageSize in web.config file located in API directory. <standardEndpoints> <!--Defines a standard endpoint with a fixed <webHttpBinding> binding that automatically adds the <webHttp> behavior. Use this endpoint when writing a [...]

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User story card

Story card Story concept has been adopted since Extreme Programming defined principle of 3C (Cards, Conversation, and Confirmation). Scrum has incorporated the concept of the story written on the card. The card is easy to manipulate with and provides the only necessary level of the information. The card displays three views – Detail displays [...]

Agile project in ScrumDesk

All stories in ScrumDesk are stored with relation to a particular project. The project keeps not just stories, but team details, retrospective ideas, impediments, absences, and attachments. Project details are available by click on Project menu item. The user can enter project’s details and configure project variables, ScrumDesk options and to integrate the project [...]

See your backlog – Taskboard and Treemap

Taskboard Taskboard displays sprint user stories and tasks as a kanban board. Kanban board is split into more swim lines according to the status. Colors of the swim lines are displayed based on the project settings (Project/Options). ScrumDesk task board allows changing the status of a task by drag and drop. Users can find useful [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows – see your backlog with Board and Grid views

ScrumDesk provides more way of backlog visibility. A board is probably most used, but in case of large backlogs users are losing orientation in it. For better orientation  ScrumDesk provides additional views. Board view Board simulates a wall board. It displays stories as cards and allows manipulate with them. The size of the board [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows – user interface

ScrumDesk Windows user interface simulates the simplicity of wall board with a possibility to display the backlog in different styles, therefore, allows to better manage the product backlog. The user interface displays more views in separated tabs. This way can user works with more backlogs at the same time. The top row displays menu, [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows: connect to repository (database)

Repository/Database installation As a first step ScrumDesk administrator must install the database (On-Site edition) or register to receive credentials to hosted database (On-Demand Edition). To read how to install database read Administrator manual. Connect to a repository Projects are stored in repositories/databases installed in the previous step.  As there can be more databases installed in [...]

User Story Card

Scrum as project management is using the concept of index cards introduced in Extreme Programming (XP). Cards are supposed to establish conversation and clarification of requirements.  The card in ScrumDesk displays more details than paper index card while still provides visibility. ScrumDesk index card's advantages compared to other project management tools: resizable many colors [...]

Tip: Model reading error… LoginUser_3

Some of you have a problem to login to yor database after ScrumDesk has been upgraded to the latest v.5. Symptoms Error displayed: Model reading error. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Could not find stored procedure 'LoginUser_3'. Explanation Your database needs to be upgraded. ScrumDesk would like to login you, but login procedure is not found. How [...]

Is business value enough for product backlog agile prioritization?

Agile coaches teach teams to develop a  business value that is delivered at the end of the sprint. But should be a value an indicator of the priority? Yes, but not the only one. There are many other attributes we often forget to consider. We suggest applying a different approach. We would like to have [...]

How To: Enable Remote Connections for SQL 2005, 2008

SQL Server 2008 Read further details here: Enable remote connections for SQL 2008 SQL Server 2005 See How to configure remote connections for SQL Server 2005 (Technet). SQL Configuration Manager Run SQL Server Configuration Manager. Expand SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration node. Click Protocols for SQL Express. Double click TCP/IP. Dialog TCPI/Properties will appear. Set Enabled=Yes. Click [...]

FAQ: Can not connect to license server

Symptoms ScrumDesk displays an error that is not able to connect to license server. ScrumBoard.BL.ScrumBoardException: Can not connect to license server. ScrumDesk can be used in offline mode only for 5 days. Explanation Licenses are validated via license service available through HTTP protocol. To access the service, proxy details must be configured in some [...]

FAQ: How to upgrade ScrumDesk Windows & database

ScrumDesk for Windows is a desktop application that keeps data stored in SQL Server database. Some updated require upgrading not just client application, but database as well. Following steps guide you during the process of upgrade. Minor  updates If a minor update is deployed, only ScrumDesk needs to be updated. Typically we deploy it as an [...]

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