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Share business context with ScrumDesk 9.42.2

What is new in ScrumDesk? The summer is here and with it, we added a couple of new features plus, as usual, fixed few parts of the ScrumDesk application. Our main focus was to bring agile teams closer to the context of their business which is the reason why teams are needed. Why [...]

ScrumDesk v8.47 – retrospectives, objectives and key results and root case analysis better

Retrospectives Retrospective Sessions Does your team like the retrospective format and use it even for non-retro brainstorming workshops? Create a retrospective session to keep all session ideas in one place. Every session might have retrospective theme assigned so the team knows what to focus on in their brainstorming. Retrospective filters [...]

Import from Trello

Do you manage projects in Trello? Trello is a great tool for small projects managed by small teams who need transparency of the Kanban board. Trello enables also to track additional information. Anyway, once you think about Scrum, Trello becomes less useful as it lacks important parts that should be in the Scrum project. [...]

v6.36.1 – project status overview

Project Status Overview Charts Product owners need to have an understanding of the overall status of the product backlog from multiple perspectives. Especially when it needs to be discussed with stakeholders and sponsors. ScrumDesk now allows to see: The status of backlog items as a total number of items and percentage of them in [...]

ScrumDesk v.6.33.2 – minor changes and fixes

This time we published few fixes and minor changes improving the usability of the ScrumDesk application to help you manage your projects easier: Dialog Unfinished backlog items displayed when is not necessary. Work by task type, time perspective, numbers on X-axis divided by 60. Projects still displayed in the list immediately after Archive. Chart Value vs. [...]

Find what is important to develop with new reports

Finish sprint faster. Decide on incomplete items at once. It is an end of the sprint and Product Owner needs to complete the current sprint, but there are still incompleted items. It is necessary to go over the Kanban board and find all of them, click all of them and either update them, move [...]

Objectives and key results plus dependencies with ScrumDesk v6.32

New features in ScrumDesk v. 6.32Objectives and Key ResultsDependencies trackingFaster time trackingFilter improvementsBillable workChange hierarchy in the STORY MAPMeasure spent time vs. capacity plannedRecurring payments Objectives and Key Results (OKR) — track goals with ScrumDeskAgile is a great tool for the company to execute their vision. This set of practices is helpful in different aspects of [...]

ScrumDesk v6.29.1: improved Root Cause Analysis editor, KANBAN style + more!

Root Cause Analysis Editor We are glad to see more and more (and especially experienced) agile teams to use Root Cause Analysis editor to build a shared understanding of reasons for their impediments. This way agile teams can focus on the true cause of the problem instead of solving some indicators. In this version [...]

ScrumDesk 5.21.1 – root cause analysis with RCADesk

RCADesk - new module for root cause analysis Are your development teams blocked by impediments? Are you sure you solve the right problems? Agile teams often hit a wall with problems they are not able to solve easily. More often they even try to solve just the first level of problems and not root causes. Process [...]

Complex backlogs with multilevel requirements with ScrumDesk 4.20.3

Multilevel of requirements was very often repeated request of our clients in the year 2016: to manage a portfolio of multiple small products in the same backlog, to manage non-development aspects of the product as well, to manage complex product with multiple modules, to manage activities and tasks for multiple clients. We have added multiple [...]

ScrumDesk v4.19.2 – Link Google Drive & DropBox files

Attach files stored in Google Drive Are your files shared in Google Drive? No need to download them and upload to ScrumDesk again. Just paste the link into Attachments section in the side view.  As the first get a shareable link from Google Drive.   Do you prefer DropBox? In the case of DropBox, [...]

Start v.4.19.1 – timesheet improvements

Hey Start users! Thank you for your feedback you sent us this summer. We could only say that is the real motivation for us! As summer has ended already, we are back in the game. This time we published few minor changes. We work on new more complex staffs as well, but you know, it [...]

ScrumDesk 4.18.10 – usability improvements

Since 2007 we are used to slow down our development during the summer. Simply to stop sprinting and rather to fill-up our energy tank. That, however, doesn't mean that nothing is created! This summer we concentrated on usability improvements which you, our users, proposed. Release backlog items Until now, in PLAN, it was only possible to [...]

ScrumDesk v.4.17.2 – business value and complexity charts

Tasks in burn down chart Experienced agile teams don't estimate tasks and therefore they need just to track how tasks are solved. If this is your situation, choose TASKS in burn down chart legend and there you are. Cumulative Flow Chart for tasks Cumulative flow chart displayed backlog items so far. Tasks are however important in [...]

ScrumDesk v4.16.3 – user story readiness

Use what you need! Some of our clients are keen to use retrospectives, while they do not use Scrum because they prefer physical boards. Some other prefer simple backlog and not the story map. So now account administrator can activate selected modules which will make theirs functionality available to all organization team members. To activate, or [...]

ScrumDesk v4.16.2 – workflow customization

How to deal with complex tasks In Agile there are multiple approaches how to deal with the complexity of software development. Some companies prefer to break down user story into subtasks. Such companies are more focused on creative work where Scrum is very helpful. The type of subtasks is even predefined in some Definition of Done [...]

ScrumDesk 4.16.1 – Export items

Export backlog items Did you ever need to do a deep analysis of your sprint, or product backlog for management and stakeholders? Didn't ScrumDesk support such analysis? Showstopper? NOT ANYMORE! You can thank Rick. Just two steps.... Export currently displayed backlog items to CSV by click on Export menu item displayed at the top of views. take a [...]

v.4.15.2 – user stories bulk edit

This week's version of ScrumDesk brings to you only a few changes, but you will highly probably welcome. Bulk editing If you ever needed to change more attributes of the backlog item at once, now it is a good time to start. Start just with a selection of multiple cards either in STORY MAP or PLAN view and then [...]

v3.15.1 – user stories map, company account

Auto-assignment Are your team members lazy to update the board? Are you poor scrum master who updates cards of team members? ScrumDesk auto-assigns task cards on drag and drop intentionally. However, there is still some, however. However, some scrum masters who support not-so-agile teams needed to update the board without auto-assigning their name. Now [...]

ScrumDesk 3.14.1 – User stories mapping improvements

User Stories Mapping We are proud to say we finalized user story map, the new feature of ScrumDesk. At least up to the level, we think that usability and performance are perfect. But that doesn't mean we do not want to improve it. We have a couple of additional ideas as well, so be ready [...]

ScrumDesk v.3.13.2 – User stories mapping, import JIRA

User stories mapping User story mapping is a technique which we believe helps readability of the product backlog. ScrumDesk has provided it from its first version in form of free canvas displayed in Desk view. Based on your feedback we have implemented improved mode STORY MAP supporting a matrix of epics broken into backlog items. The first row of the [...]

ScrumDesk v3.12.2 – task types, definition of done

Task types Agile teams are multidisciplinary teams so you should have an analyst, developer, tester or even operation role in your team. And everybody needs to find out an appropriate card on kanban board quickly. ScrumDesk has supported colors for subtask from the first version. An intent of this feature was to highlight the type of [...]

ScrumDesk v3.12 – Custom fields

Custom fields You asked for them many times. ScrumDesk supports custom fields for backlog items and tasks now. Well, for a now it is MVP in which you can configure them and enter data. Filtering, searching, group by custom fields will come in upcoming versions soon. Custom fields can be configured on Project Settings page where you can [...]

ScrumDesk v3.10 – sprint review report. What has been finished?

Sprint review reportDo you want to be prepared for sprint review session with all information necessary to review your commitments and status of the outcome? Sprint report is the document that summarizes:Sprint title and goalsSprint start and end datesInformation about the team who worked on sprint itemsInformation about work spent vs. capacity per team memberStatistics of planned [...]

ScrumDesk v3.9 – retrospective done well

Retrospective techniques Do you need to energize your retrospectives? There is one very easy receipt to try. Just changing retrospective format or technique helps a lot. ScrumDesk enables now to apply following retrospective techniques: classic Good vs. Better, Star Fish, Mad Sad Glad, 4L, Star Stop Continue, 6 Thinking Hats, and even possibility to place [...]

Version 3.7 – story template + performance

Performance improvements We continued with performance improvements targeting the second(s) goal to instead of minutes for large backlogs. We are happy to share we were successful, but also that doesn't mean we have ended. As  Backlog and Work views are the most used parts of the application, we have chosen them for performance improvements of back-end service calls and [...]

ScrumDesk v3.6 – team leveling, performance, synchronization

Performance improvements, part I. As the first of performance improvements, we concentrated on Kanban board that is the most used part of the application. We integrated caching into Kanban board. The first load has shortened by 25%. Following loads of kanban board is a matter of seconds instead of dozens of seconds. JSON response by API [...]

ScrumDesk v3.5 – instant tasks sync, cumulative flow for Kanban, work logs, history

Instant synchronization of tasks The board is alive finally. Adding new tasks, changing them, moving, cloning or deleting them will update kanban boards of all team members in seconds. Just change them and everybody see the same. Cumulative Flow Chart   Cumulative Flow Chart enables Scrum Masters to identify gaps in process. Teams can see how backlog total [...]

ScrumDesk v3.4.2 – attachments plus #Slack

Backlog item attachments ScrumDesk now supports keeping documents, UX designs and other assets related to backlog item  (aka user story) in Amazon S3 cloud integrated with ScrumDesk Files can be uploaded in the side view when you click on a card. The usage is similar to many other applications on the web.   Preview of [...]

ScrumDesk sponsors CopenhagenContext 2015

CopenhagenContext 2015 is a unique conference for testers about context-driven testing. It is the largest international Nordic. This year the conference will be held during four days, in four parallel tracks with 18 speakers experienced in the testing area of agile development. ScrumDesk company, a producer of scrum project management tools that help teams to apply agile [...]

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