ScrumDesk Mobile for iOS is available

ScrumDesk mobile gives you high transparency and control over the management of projects in an agile way. With mobile edition you will be able: Access projects developed by your teams. Check all planned, active and finished iterations or sprints. See all product backlog requirements. Understand who is working on which task. Track task status [...]

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v6.36.1 – project status overview

Project Status Overview Charts Product owners need to have an understanding of the overall status of the product backlog from multiple perspectives. Especially when it needs to be discussed with stakeholders and sponsors. ScrumDesk now allows to see: The status of backlog items as a total number of items and percentage of them in [...]

Find what is important to develop with new reports

Finish sprint faster. Decide on incomplete items at once. It is an end of the sprint and Product Owner needs to complete the current sprint, but there are still incompleted items. It is necessary to go over the Kanban board and find all of them, click all of them and either update them, move [...]

Objectives and key results plus dependencies with ScrumDesk v6.32

New features in ScrumDesk v. 6.32Objectives and Key ResultsDependencies trackingFaster time trackingFilter improvementsBillable workChange hierarchy in the STORY MAPMeasure spent time vs. capacity plannedRecurring payments Objectives and Key Results (OKR) — track goals with ScrumDeskAgile is a great tool for the company to execute their vision. This set of practices is helpful in different aspects of [...]

ScrumDesk v6.29.1: improved Root Cause Analysis editor, KANBAN style + more!

Root Cause Analysis Editor We are glad to see more and more (and especially experienced) agile teams to use Root Cause Analysis editor to build a shared understanding of reasons for their impediments. This way agile teams can focus on the true cause of the problem instead of solving some indicators. In this version [...]

ScrumDesk v.5.26 – Roadmap editor improvements ++

Roadmaps Editor Real start and end These fields are calculated based on the progress of nested backlog items once their subtask  were started. New Delta fields They indicate how much late or earlier the feature has been developed comparing to plans specified in a roadmap. Other changes of the roadmap editor Even ScrumMaster can see [...]

Roadmaps are here!

Do you take care of the complex agile project developed with one or more scrum teams?  Are your teams dislocated? Or do you manage product portfolio with the help of ScrumDesk? Now you can do scheduling of the project in ScrumDesk not just with releases or sprints. ScrumDesk Roadmaps are an easy way to plan and schedule [...]

ScrumDesk v5.25.1 – Archive old releases

ScrumDesk is available for more than three years already and many customers finished dozens of releases and sprints. Now is the best time to forget them! With this version, you can archive release, its sprints, and backlog items so they are not loaded anymore in BACKLOG, PLAN or WORK views. This will significantly increase performance. [...]

How to prioritize in Agile II.: Business value prioritization

The first blog post about prioritization was focused on MoSCoW - prioritization of the backlog from the perspective of customers. This is not enough for the commercial company. You need to survive, to pay bills, to pay the next sprints. You have to think about features from the perspective of the company as well. Business perspective This [...]

How to prioritize in Agile I.: Customer’s perspective with MoSCoW

Prioritization is probably the most discussed part of development processes. Product backlogs are often quite complex with hundreds of requirements. How to find user stories in your story map which you should start developing first? Traditional approach The approach of traditional processes is simple. You have high, medium, low priorities. Ok, for some organizations [...]

How to work with Kanban board

Agile teams track their tasks on a Kanban board that visualize the status of a work with help of multiple columns. Every column means some status. The team member should move task cards between these statuses to indicate on which task she works, which has been done and which still needs to be developed. ScrumDesk enables [...]

ScrumDesk v5.23.2 – Roadmap is coming!

  What you see on the picture below is a new functionality of ProductDesk module with designer of roadmaps. We are preparing it for the next major release and it is going to be huge, very huge, very, very very huge. Popular sentence these days :) It is going to be available as a free upgrade [...]

More than 4 users? Check your account before March 5th!

The change of our pricing plan has been communicated in October the last year. ScrumDesk pricing plan is now combination of monthly subscription fee for user licenses and one time payment for selected modules. On March 5th  we will start to issue monthly invoices for accounts with more than 4 free user licenses (commercial) or [...]

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ScrumDesk v.5.21.3 – Move subtasks, integrated payment

The latest version of ScrumDesk suite allows you to pay for user licenses and to buy additional packages directly from the application. VISA/MasterCard/Diners Club cards are accepted. Move subtask to other backlog items Until this version, it was possible to move subtask to other backlog item displayed on Kanban board in WORK view. Now you [...]

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ScrumDesk 5.21.1 – root cause analysis with RCADesk

RCADesk - new module for root cause analysis Are your development teams blocked by impediments? Are you sure you solve the right problems? Agile teams often hit a wall with problems they are not able to solve easily. More often they even try to solve just the first level of problems and not root causes. Process [...]

Slack integration

Create web hook in Slack Click Integration page in team page. Add Incoming webhooks integration Choose channel where your messages from ScrumDesk should be kept. Configure this integration webhook icon, description and keep URL that is needed in ScrumDesk Configure Slack integration in ScrumDesk Click Project Setup gear icon in the left panel. Scroll down [...]

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