training agile manager

How should a manager behave in an agile organization? How to cooperate, lead and manage agile teams? What are new responsibilities and expectations on managerial roles in the agile company?

Agile way of working and especially an agile way of thinking establishes new needs on managerial roles and their responsibilities. Instead of command and conquer and push to pull & support mode.

From direct management of resources towards the support of teams.

For who

Team leaders, middle and senior managers, scrum masters, product owners, line managers.


1 day


  • About Agile

  • Agile and traditional approaches

  • Role of traditional manager

  • An agile manager

  • Manager and scrum master

  • Is agile for you?

  • How to set the system?

  • Lean principles

  • How to introduce a change and how to manage it

  • Problems and root causes

  • Casual Loops Diagram to understand problems visually

  • Management 3.0. practices

  • Soft skills in an agile team

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