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Scrum Fundamentals

Train your teams to understand agile principles, roles responsibilities and all Scrum ceremonies via real life examples.

1/2 day


Agile, Scrum, principles, training, real life examples
Scrum Class

Experience Scrum in real-life.

Master class level training to coach your team understands what is expected during the agile transition. Teams learn by experiments and games. The format of this training is confirmed by hundreds of participants
every year.

1 full day

All roles

Senior management

Product Owner training
Product Owner briefly

An introduction to the Product Owner role. Learn what agile is, how to identify important  features, learn about responsibilities and  evaluation. Learn what you can ask your development teams and what they can expect from you.

1 full day

Requirements & business analysts

Product Management



agile vision, product owner, agile product
Product Owners: Materialize your vision

Learn how to materialize the vision into a backlog, strategy preparation, release planning, epics and stories writing.
Experience estimation of the business value and recognization of priority according to risk, customers, business value.  Real life examples and agile/innovation games included.

2 full days


Product managers

Requirement & business analysts

Serious Agile Games
Accelerate agile transition by Serious Games

Understand how to be self-organized team, to understand why agile can help, what agile is and how to do it. Change mindset by playing agile games chosen specially to accelerate agile transition.

1/2 day all company employees.

All roles

Senior management

  • Scrum Masters:  How to help a team to self-organize
  • Scrum Developer: What should I know?
  • Agile Practices applied in every day life
  • Innovative Games trainings to involve customers into product development
  • Onsite trainings about Agile, Scrum, TDD, ATDD, BDD
  • Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner trainings via our partners