ScrumDesk displays an error that is not able to connect to license server.

ScrumBoard.BL.ScrumBoardException: Can not connect to license server. ScrumDesk can be used in offline mode only for 5 days.


Licenses are validated via license service available through HTTP protocol. To access the service, proxy details must be configured in some organizations.

Also, team member account needs to have a license assigned.


  1. Click Proxy link in Login Window
  2. Enter proxy URL and credentials
  3. if you are not aware of credentials, check Use Default credentials checkbox
Proxy link in Login
Proxy link in Login
Proxy Settings
Proxy Settings

How to assign a license

  1. Login as administrator to check if the team member has a license assigned.
  2. Click Licences menu item.
  3. If there are green lines in a table, some licenses were not assigned.
  4. Click some >> button and choose team member account to assign the license.
  5. Now user should be able to login into ScrumDesk. She must have a proxy (if used) configured.