Agile Product Management

Product management for collocated or distributed agile teams from vision to working products.

From product grooming, through release and sprint planning to done done.

Guidance for product owners in complex backlogs.

Tips for ScrumMasters to improve team agile practices.

Retrospectives for teams.

All Scrum ceremonies supported.

Emative visibility of project status for everybody.

ScrumDesk supports more than 20.000 IT and non-IT teams worldwide.


Process and practices gaps analyzes.

Backlog in boards and index cards from different perspectives.

Plan multiple releases and sprints.

Capacity and velocity metrics for accurate planning.  

Progress tracked on Kanban boards, in burndown and burn up charts.

Impediments and risks management.

Voting in online retrospectives.

Printed documents and reports.

Integration with 3rd party tools.


They told about it

Was really taken by surprise on how much of flexibility a simple card is provided with literally able to do everything that i could do on an index card in just one click. Tools Journal

If you look for a high tech tool, ScrumDesk is one that you can consider. Boris Gloger