How to use ScrumDesk?

Product backlog management

  • User Stories Mapping
  • Structure the backlog with epics, features & themes
  • Order epics by drag and drop
  • Change priorities of user stories in an epic by drag and drop
  • This example describes the development of simple CRM product

How to manage complex backlogs

  • Epic level
  • Up to four nested features sublevels
  • Collapsible hierarchy for better orientation
  • Color of cards copied over the hierarchy for consistency
  • Capability to manage backlogs with help of Essential SAFe

Story templates

  • How to achieve backlog definition consistency?
  • Story templates for different backlog item types
  • How to define task types in ScrumDesk

Release and sprint planning

  • How to plan release iteration
  • How to plan a sprint
  • Assign backlog item into release or sprint by drag and drop
  • Mid-term and long-term planning with ScrumDesk

Kanban board

  • Proper sprint planning

  • Tasks breakdown

  • Time estimation & tracking

  • How to assign tasks

  • Your Content Goes Here

Capacities planing

  • How to measure and plan with velocity agile metric
  • Capacity planning in Scrum
  • Team work levelling