ScrumDesk helps distributed agile teams with retrospective in similar way as in real retrospective session where physical cards are used.

ScrumDesk retrospective idea

Retrospective Idea Card

Every idea is represented by idea card which is able to track:

  • The author of the idea.
  • Category of the idea. Good, bad, better, less, more, etc. based on selected retrospective technique.
  • Description of the idea.
  • Implementation status of the idea.
    • To do
    • In progress
    • Rejected
    • Done
  • The number of votes assigned by logged user.
  • Comments related to the idea.
  • The color of the card.

ScrumDesk RETRO distributed retrospective techniques scrummaster

Idea cards are managed in RETRO view where they can be moved and grouped as necessary. Cards can be freely resized.

Every retrospective idea can be easily displayed by unique URL as well.


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