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Don’t look for percentages in a proper Agile product management

September 29th, 2018|Categories: Blog, Consulting|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Oh, that great idea once again. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%. Apparently, the feature is 79% done. Round of applause, that’s a nice number. Nicer than 78%. Masturpercentobation. But what Jeff has to do with that, yes, that user Jeff. Team: ‘Ugh nothing we [...]

ScrumDesk v.6.33.2 – minor changes and fixes

This time we published few fixes and minor changes improving the usability of the ScrumDesk application to help you manage your projects easier: Dialog Unfinished backlog items displayed when is not [...]

Roadmaps are here!

Do you take care of the complex agile project developed with one or more scrum teams?  Are your teams dislocated? Or do you manage product portfolio with the help of [...]

Management and Agile

A story about a leader and management motivated to actively support Agile. Just the title sounds like an oxymoron to those of us, who apply Agile principles. Yes, I [...]

Product owner. Who?

Chooses the right things. Many customers of our consultancy services ask us for some brief and practical description of the role of the Product Owner. Here is our attempt [...]