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Breaking Free from the Traditional Approach: Agile Estimation Techniques for Better Project Management

April 21st, 2023|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

How to break free from the traditional way of estimation in projects with the help of Agile estimation techniques and principles? Estimation is a widespread practice that businesses impose a significant emphasis on. Businesses include the estimation in their processes as a must-have part. Typical reasons for the estimation include the following: To understand the cost of the implementation. To identify necessary capacities for future effort. To identify possibilities [...]


October 18th, 2022|All, ScrumDesk Web Edition|

Why should you consider Checklists? Agile is a systematic approach to product development. Great agile teams are very disciplined and follow structures that help them build products of high quality. Instead of dealing most of their time with bugs, great agile teams make new and valuable features. This is enabled by consistency in the development. Agile teams used to have multiple agreements, i.e., Definition of Done or [...]

Roadmap Lists

October 18th, 2022|All, ScrumDesk Web Edition|

Manage your mid-term plans Product Owners should plan for more than just one sprint ahead. The mid-term planning increases the transparency for business stakeholders and teams regarding what should be completed next. Roadmaps in the timeline are excellent visualization of complex plans. But at the same time, they might be too complicated to care for.  Modern agile project management framework introduced an alternative approach to managing the [...]

How to choose the project management tool

February 5th, 2022|All|

How to choose the best project management tool today? The project management practices are changing and adapting thanks to complexity, need to focus on customers, the speed of a business and, of course, thanks to Agile. Preparation of detailed plans for the next year doesn't make sense at all. The complexity of markets, products, technologies, legislation, and teams dependencies. All of that establish fundaments to the change of [...]

ScrumDesk 9.42.2: Share Business Context with Team

June 27th, 2021|All, ScrumDesk Web Edition|

What is new in ScrumDesk? In the newest ScrumDesk version, our main focus was to bring agile teams closer to the context of their business which is the reason why teams are needed. Why this topic? Working with dozens of agile teams, our Agile mentors recognized that agile teams are too much focused on processes. Yes, processes even we know that collaboration should be over processes, right [...]

Tips on helpful resources for Retrospective

April 6th, 2021|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

From our personal experience, we are all aware that with a lot of work and outside pressures, working on your personal development, trying to unite and move forward a team of people can be quite tricky, especially as we share our personal challenges. That’s why at ScrumDesk, we decided to gather a number of valuable tips for your Retrospective. All of the resources are used by our mentors, [...]

ScrumDesk 8.47: Retrospectives, Objectives and Key Results, Root Cause Analysis

August 23rd, 2020|All, ScrumDesk Web Edition|

Retrospectives Retrospective Sessions Does your team like the retrospective format and use it even for non-retro brainstorming workshops? Create a retrospective session to keep all session ideas in one place. Every session might have a retrospective theme assigned so the team knows what to focus on in their brainstorming. Retrospective filters Great agile teams are able to provide hundreds of ideas after a couple [...]

Training Leading SAFe®, August 2020, Bratislava

July 29th, 2020|All, Events|

According to State of Agile, Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is by far the most popular agile scaling method. While Agile is excellent for smaller teams and simple solutions, SAFe helps you manage complex systems. During this course, you will gain the knowledge necessary to lead a Lean/Agile enterprise by leveraging SAFe, and its underlying principles derived from Lean, systems thinking, Agile development, product development flow, and DevOps. Attend the [...]

Scrum Master’s Daily Checklist

July 9th, 2020|All|

Is everything ready for the daily stand-up? Is the taskboard updated? What about the virtual taskboard? Are too many tasks work in progress? Is someone dealing with the impediments? And many more questions Scrum Masters asks themselves every day. It’s difficult to remember everything a Scrum Master should pay attention to on a daily basis, especially for the ones new in their role. That is why [...]

Agile mentor Barbora Moravcová about her work: We enter the working life of people and business organisations

July 8th, 2020|All|

Barbora Moravcová started at ScrumDesk whilst she was still studying at university. After gaining valuable knowledge from other mentors, she decided to gain practical experiences from the other side, the perspective of being a client. Later she decided to return where she belongs and began working in ScrumDesk as an Agile mentor focusing on organisational culture, relationships, and mentality. In this interview, you can read about how she [...]

Online training Product Ownership Meaningfully

July 6th, 2020|All, Events|

About the course A product is born from questions, but comes alive with parental care. Product Owner is one of the most demanded roles. This key role isn't only there to ensure the success of an agile team, but most importantly to ensure the success of the product and the company. Do you want to know how to lead product development using agile processes and include the [...]

Bugs, incidents, problems, and service requests in Agile

May 27th, 2020|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

It happened once again. 2nd level support teams (outside of scrum/agile) raised new incidents towards the scrum teams (3rd level support). How to prioritize work between business requirements and non-business requirements where the Product Owner is focused primarily on business requirements? Product Owners should not focus on business requirements only. The Product Owner is responsible for the product that stands on multiple legs. Business, technology, support, bugs, [...]

ScrumDesk now on ProductHunt

May 18th, 2020|All, ScrumDesk Web Edition|

We've just added ScrumDesk on ProductHunt! ScrumDesk has supported more than 40 000 teams since 2007. This together with agile coaching helps us understand what is really important for an agile mindset. A lot of ideas were implemented or updated and some of them were even scratched. Because we make ScrumDesk full of meaningful agile product management practices that help you build the right [...]

Frequently Asked: Story points in team of experts

May 7th, 2020|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

Should you use story points for a team of developers developing multiple systems? The situation This question was asked by scrum masters who's teams are not ideal agile teams as the company introduces agile in multiple steps. Their team typically consists of experts focused on web, ledger, back- ends PHP / Java. They are focused either on technology or business domain without knowing a lot about others. But, [...]

How To: An Online Backlog Refinement

May 7th, 2020|All|

Online meetings are the new reality of our everyday lives. Most of us have already been to an online meeting with a difficult agenda or maybe you’re just planning one. But achieving demanding goals in the online world is not easy. Working from home means more distractions when you’re already trying to concentrate on 10 people talking on your screen. How can you organize a difficult online meeting [...]