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Scrum Project Management Tool with AI Copilot
The best practices selected by Agile coaches

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Scrum Project Management Tool
The best practices selected by Agile coaches

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The right features for proper project management

Objectives & Key Results

Why build it? What is the most important? How much?

The tool for senior management. Align the company with transparency and self-management. Focus teams on Objectives and Key Results (OKR) instead of tasks. Connect objectives to your initiatives and backlog items.

objectives and key results okr editor
objectives and key results okr editor

Backlog & Roadmaps

What should be built? When is it needed?

The tool for the Product Owner. Multi-level hierarchy user stories map with visual cards.  Business initiatives, themes, epics, features, user stories. Manage the project schedule with roadmaps. Release and sprint planning.

Scrum & Kanban Project Management

How do we build it? Who is working on what?

Compact Scrum project management tool for the development team with the product backlog, sprint plannings, daily scrum, sprint review.

Scrum teams track tasks on Kanban boards by drag and drop. Customize workflow. Impediments management.

Reports. Predictions. Identify mistakes in the Scrum process. Instantly save and synchronize changes.

scrum kanban agile project management tool jira alternative
scrum kanban agile project management tool jira alternative

Retrospective & Root Cause Analysis

What can be better? What is the root cause of our blockers?

The tool for Scrum Master. Improve continuously. Facilitate online or onsite retrospectives. Team voting for the most important ideas. The best 14 retrospective techniques included. Analyze complex problems with root cause analysis. Causal loops diagram or mind maps. 5 why technique.

Manage from Slack

Agile project management should be easy. #chatmanagement

Add backlog items, comment on them and track the status and time directly from Slack without running ScrumDesk. From mobile, web, or desktop.

scrum kanban agile project management tool jira alternative

ScrumDesk works with

ScrumDesk works with

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What customers say

Your ScrumDesk has been invaluable for planning my bachelor’s project. Thank you!

Andy R.

There is the only functionality that for me, is missing for this product to be perfect.


Was really taken by surprise on how much of flexibility a simple card is provided with literally able to do everything that i could do on an index card in just one click.

Tools Journal

Congrats on this tool.


Thank you so much. ScrumDesk is a very good tool.


 I love the way it makes the work planning efficient. Once I enter stories/features/epics I can reuse them in other templates and plans!

Joanna, top consultancy company

Thanks for considering my request. More power to the team!


ScrumDesk is unique task manager.  It is strictly consistent with the methodology, at least in the sense that we understand Scrum. We tried a variety of options, including those listed above, but stopped on this scrum project management tool.


Thank you for your responsible help and support.

Rafael Eduardo

Awesome. The last release was extraordinary! Nice work!


If you look for a high-tech tool, ScrumDesk is one that you can consider.

Boris Gloger

First of all, i would like to say that your app is the best one I’ve found after several tests with other apps!. Great work!

We are starting to use scrum for our dev team and your soft seems like what we need. Nice and lightweight interface!

ScrumDesk is done brutally well. Simple and it offers everything I do expect that should be included in!

Excellent. You always seem to be one step ahead.


Your ScrumDesk is brilliant! We tried to use Jira,, and many others, but that’s what you do… There is no words to describe UX and simplicity.

Lukas from Poland

No credit card required. 4 free users with no limits. 30 days trial period if more licenses are needed.