Do your retro together! As a team!

Can’t do the retrospective in distributed team? Is retrospective session boring? Lost ideas from the previous retrospective? No real change after retro?

No need to share Excel or Google Sheet. No pain with overwriting of votes.

Evidence ideas quickly an deasy. Vote for the most important. Track their implementation status. Use 10+ retrospective techniques.

Online or onsite. With an instant sync.

agile retrospective scrummaster scrum master kaizen retrospectives idea improvement


  • Describe an idea.

  • Multiple categories assignable quickly.

  • Different colors to distinguish cards from additional perspectives.

  • Brainstorming mode. Freely movable cards to create groups of similar ideas.

  • Track the sprint where idea has been identified.

  • Track retrospective idea implementation status.

  • Give the idea your number of votes.

  • See the total number of votes in a team.

  • Provide additional comments to the idea to track your further discussions, or implementation details.

  • Share ideas by shareble link that you can send to your management or stakeholders to ask them for further help.

  • The ideas board is always up to date! Instant background synchronization without any necessary action.


  • Effectivenes far beyond shared Google Sheet or Excel file.

  • One virtual desk for all team members.

  • Freely movable cards on the desk for brainstorming sessions.

  • See changes instantly, no waiting for updates.

  • Filter ideas per sprint or see all ideas as you need.

  • Track root causes of problems with Root Cause Analysis.

  • Track action items with user stories put on Kanban board.

agile retrospective scrummaster scrum master kaizen retrospectives idea improvement
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