How to pay for the license

Billing is possible directly from the application. Only organization administrators are able to pay for user licenses (monthly payment) and for packages (one-time payment per company).

The billing page is available on the Account Settings page, view BILLING. The page displays a list of all invoices with further details necessary for your payment.

scrumdesk billing buy license module plugin scrum online project management tool

How to pay

The payment is pretty straightforward. Click the OPEN link in a particular row and the form Invoice will be displayed. To pay click the PAY button and you will be redirected to the 3D secure payment zone provided by our bank.

scrumdesk buy license module package invoice

Sometimes additional details are necessary for payment (especially if your company is located in the EU). In that case, you will be informed by red text as displayed in the picture below.

scrumdesk invoice buy pay vat eu

Annual Payment

ScrumDesk supports annual payments with an additional (20%) discount. The preference for the annual payment can be set in an invoice detail. Once checked in, the price will reflect the discount.

scrumdesk annual payment

Annual payment option in ScrumDesk billing.

Payment gateway

The payment can be done by MasterCard, VISA, or Diners Club cards. ScrumDesk company does not store any card information. The payment form is operated by the bank.

scrumdesk payment

Recurring Payment

The payment can be done automatically every month. This is reasonable especially if you do not have the VISA card, or you share company VISA card.

Card’s details are not stored on ScrumDesk server, they are fully managed by the VISA payment processor (the bank Ceskoslovenska Obchodna Banka).

The recurring payment is possible to set in the unpaid invoice. Once you check the checkbox I agree with the recurring payment, the ScrumDesk is going to ask you for VISA details that the payment gateway will store.

scrumdesk pay recurring payment agreement

How to deactivate recurring payments

The recurring payment can be canceled anytime. In such case, the account administrator will be asked to pay invoices manually every month.

scrumdesk recurring payment deactivated

Account Settings | Content | Deactivate your account >