I plan, you plan. We plan!

ScrumDesk supports planning of multiple releases and sprints in parallel.

Stories can be assigned to releases and sprints different ways. But the most natural is drag and drop from one side of the screen to another side. To other release or sprint.

scrumdesk scrum agile release scrum planning product owner backlog user story

Sprint backlogs can be sorted, grouped or filtered based on any attribute. ScrumDesk will visualize remaining effort so you can concentrate on a selection of the best candidate stories for the next sprints.

Of course, there is the possibility  of automatic pre-fill of sprints according to business value.

Is it full?

Do you need to be informed when sprint is full? Do you track your velocity from your previous sprints and releases? Now you can forget that. ScrumDesk will do instead.

Let’s do a more valuable job instead of statistics calculation.

scrumdesk release sprint capacity planning overloaded   scrumdesk release sprint capacity planning underfilledscrumdesk release sprint capacity planning mostly filled

Dude, where is our capacity?

Capacity here, capacity there. But how much is my capacity filled up? Team members can calculate personal capacities according to theirs availability and number of days they plan to be at work during the sprint.

ScrumDesk will calculate the difference in the current sprint vs. planned capacity. Now you know who is the next top performer of the team!

scrumdesk widnows capacity planner calculator