Are you not sure if ScrumDesk can help your agile teams? We understand that Agile mean a different setup for agile teams.

We are happy to introduce you ScrumDesk application in a 1.5-hour video call in which we typically share:

  1. Management by Objectives and Key Results.
  2. Initiatives (themes) management.
  3. Definition of the Product Backlog.
  4. Management of product backlog structure. Epics, features and user stories with user stories mapping.
  5. How to use issue types to improve transparency and manageability.
  6. Program increments (releases) and sprint planning.
  7. Plans definition with help of agile metrics.
  8. Kanban board. How to plan subtasks.
  9. Tracking of the work, status and time.
  10. Agile reports and Documents.
  11. Improve with retrospectives.
  12. How to find root cause analysis with ScrumDesk.

The demo session is an interactive discussion, not just as the presentation.

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