Find a real reason for impediments

A lot of blockers or impediments? Are complex problems hard to unwire? No real change? Aren’t you sure if you solve the most important problems?

A must tool for real ScrumMasters who optimize the system, not just moderate stand-ups.

A must tool for the agile manager, the servant-leader of agile teams.

Available in ScrumDesk Professional subscription, or as 30-days trial.

root cause analysis 5 why pareto kaizen casual loops diagram scrummaster

Root Cause Analysis

  • Some problems need deeper understanding.

  • Start with your problem and ask WHY?

  • Multiple root cause analysis diagrams related to the project

  • Breakdown problem into smaller
  • Improve based on findings identified in retrospective sessions

Break down the problem

  • Don’t fix the first problem, the root cause is highly probably somewhere else.

  • Ask Why? to find the reason for the problem. And evidence it as a new node.

  • Then ask Why? again and again. Dependencies will be added automatically.

  • Track dependencies between multiple nodes. Track the direction of dependencies. Identify the source of the problem.

  • Name dependencies so your team understands the problem pretty naturally.

  • Focus. Zoom in, or zoom out. Move the desk around.

root cause analysis 5 why pareto kaizen casual loops diagram scrummaster
root cause analysis editor visual aspects node font color size background

Customize diagram

  • Make the diagram crisp with visual styles

  • Set node shape to 10 predefined shapes

  • Colorize nodes with background and stroke color

  • Make nodes bolder with stroke thickness

  • Set node text’s font and colors. Make it bold, strike it through or underline it.

Describe nodes

  • Attach files to nodes, preview them in-place

  • Attachments are stored in the cloud. No need to send files around.

  • Collaborate together in the analysis session. Keep your comments with nodes. Put your perspective there.

  • See all changes, who did the change, what he changed, previous values

  • Format comments, make your statements bold when necessary

root cause analysis comments, changes, attachments

How to find the root cause?

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