Project Documentation
with Spaces

Keep your team’s documents organized and accessible.

With Spaces, you can manage hierarchical spaces of documents with cover images, rich text, integration of AI, tagging, commenting, and change tracking.

You can easily find and edit the documents you need, and collaborate with your team members on them.

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Spaces Navigator

  • Store and organize your documents in a visual multi-level hierarchy of top pages and subpages.

  • Find the information you need by searching for text in spaces titles, content, and tags.

  • Find recent changes easily.

  • See draft, review, or publish status of the space.

  • Save your writing time by cloning of existing pages.

  • Archive and restore non-necessary documents.

  • Print or export pages into PDF and share them with your stakeholders.


Document Templates is a feature that helps you to create and maintain consistent documentation for your projects, products, or services.

  • Choose from a variety of templates that suit your needs and preferences, or create your own custom template.

  • Add cover images, rich text format content, pictures, tables, and other elements to your documents.

  • Organize templates in categories.

  • Use AI-powered features such as summarization, sentiment analysis, translation, and more to enhance your documents.

  • Assign cover images and tags to your documents to make them more attractive and searchable.

  • Upload cover images from Unsplash service, from Gallery, your own file or generate it with OpenAI Dall-E.

  • Make your document stand-out with an icon that represents the type or category of your document.

  • Save your document space as a template to reuse it simply later.

  • Share your template to your organization or publicly.

ScrumDesk Documents Wiki Templates
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Document editor allows you to create and edit documents with rich text formatting, AI functionalities, and collaboration tools.

  • Format your text with citations, multiple levels of headings, links, tables, images, and more.

  • Use AI functionalities to shorten or expand your text, continue writing, check grammar, change tone, extract lists, or communicate with OpenAI.

  • Track page readiness status. Mark it as a Draft, In review, or Published.

  • Distinguish your documents with cover images from Unsplash, local file, gallery, solid color, or OpenAI Dall-E picture generated from your prompt.

  • Tag your documents with multiple tags and manage them in a multi-level hierarchy of pages.

  • Comment and collaborate with your team members on your documents and check the history of changes.

  • Print or export the page into PDF.

  • Publish the document as a template and share it with your team members, or organization, or make it publicly available.