Track work from Slack!

Project management in an agile team is done by everybody. This is not an easy task. It requires discipline and drives the focus of the team away from the main activities they like more. ScrumDesk online project management tool is built by our team with a passion for agile practices. We love transparency, the possibility to inspect and to adapt. To improve every day.

There are a lot of places where you do not have a chance to run the ScrumDesk application and track all those great ideas. Or as a team member, you want just quickly to track tasks you accomplished today so your team is informed.

What would be the easiest way to stay consistent with the agile project management practices while being able to do that anywhere and still do not be disturbed by tools?  A chatbot was one of those answers. And, as a lot of our clients (and we as well) do use Slack, we have decided to build the integration with it.

Add new backlog item from Slack

Add backlog item

Enter /sd-add command into a Slack channel, fill-up the form and voila, the new backlog item has been just added to your backlog!

Create subtask

Enter /sd-add-task and choose a backlog item, enter the title, type and some description. That is how not to forget to do something important later.

Add new subtask from Slack
start task from slack

Start subtask

Command /sd-start will, surprisingly, start subtask. Let the tracking begin and notify your colleague that you are one step closer to the result!

Track your time

Enter /sd-track, select a task that is in progress, enter time spent and remaining time. Keep your team informed immediately.

scrumdesk track time in slack
Complete scrumdesk task from Slack

Complete subtask

Enter /sd-complete into the project slack channel, choose the task which is in progress and you are done with all the bureaucracy.