RetroDesk – become a team, improve continuously

Identify ideas, vote for the best one, implement the most important. Simply to say, improve, improve, improve!
$70 one-time payment per company, lifetime support & upgrades
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Are your pains similar?

Can’t do retrospective in distributed team? Is your retrospective session boring? Is retro session long? Are your previous ideas lost? No real change after retro? Not sure about the status of the solution?



  • Idea description
  • Categories
  • Different colors to distinguish cards
  • Freely movable cards to create groups of similar ideas
  • Sprint where idea has been identified
  • Implementation status
  • Your number of votes
  • Total number of votes in a team
  • Comments
  • Idea accessible by shareble link
  • Instant background synchronization without any action



  • Stacks of similar cards
  • Auto-categorize board
  • Change priorities of ideas by drag and drop
  • Tasks implementing ideas displayed on WORK task board
  • Export ideas to PDF to share them with management
  • will be available in 2017