Reinvented scrum board for small Agile teams focused on getting the results instead of complicated process.

It brings all core Scrum practices fundamental for fast product development by self-organized teams. Ideas managed in the product backlog, planned for more releases and sprints, and implementation tracked on Kanban boards and core metrics. For modern web browsers.

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What people say

"Your ScrumDesk has been invaluable for planning my bachelors project. Thank you!"

"Your product is brilliant! We tried to use Jira, and many others, but that's what you do... 
There is no words to describe UX and simplicity. Greetings from Poland." by Lukas

"First of all i would like to say that your app is the best one I’ve found after several test with other apps!. Great work!"

"Awesome. The last release was extraordinary! Nice work! " by Yannick

"Thank you so much. Scrumdesk is a very good tool.", John

"Thank you for your responsible help and support.", Rafael Eduardo

"There is the only functionality that for me, is missing for this product to be perfect", by Rafael

"Congrats for this tool." by Frederic

"Thanks for considering my request.  More power to the team!" by Arnold

"We are starting to use scrum for our dev team and your soft seemes like what we need. Nice and lightweight interface!" 

"Excellent. You always seem to be one step ahead." by Jonathan


  • Simple and fast project setup.
  • Invitation to a team by email.

Backlog Management

  • User Story Mapping
  • Colored index card for user stories.
  • Management of multiple projects.
  • Colored index card for user stories.
  • Prioritization with business value, risk, MoSCoW and KANO.
  • Backlog organized with help of themes, epics, tags (labels), and colors.
  • Freely organized index cards to support user story mapping.
  • Release and sprint planning.
  • Story templates to support Definition of Done.
  • Prioritization by drag and drop.
  • Due dates for backlog items.
  • Split unfinished backlog items.
  • Move backlog items to other projects.

Kanban board

  • Kanban board to manage daily work.
  • Work in progress limits.
  • Track impediments.

Charts and metrics

  • Sprint burn down chart to measure daily progress.
  • Release burn down chart.
  • Prediction of release end based on velocity (minimum, maximum, last 8 sprints).
  • Velocity chart
  • Cumulative Flow Chart
  • Lead time
  • Cycle time
  • Team work leveling


  • Supports different retrospective techniques
  • Team voting for the best ideas.

Agile Analytics

  • Rules to improve your agile practices in real life.
  • No more being undisciplined.

Other features

  • Attachments stored in Amazon S3 cloud.
  • Comments with rich text formatting.
  • Work time logging.
  • All changes tracked as history records.
  • Instant cards synchronization across team.
  • Print backlog items
  • Advanced filtering


  • Import from JIRA
  • Integration with
  • Changes notification by emails.

Video Quick Guide

1. Sign up, login and invite2. Add new project to track it
3.Epics and themes management4. Product backlog management
5. Release planning6. Daily life with Kanban board in Work view