We help to form efficient agile team even it is distributed.

What we do:

  • Investigation and proposal to improve your agile  process.
  • Training of  Scrum Masters, Product Owners and development teams.
  • On-site/on-line mentoring through agile games

Adaption and transformation

Do you consider to become agile company? We help in different type of organizations, starting with small  ISV, including enterprise, distributed and offshore companies.

Part of our effort to help you is:

  • Assessment of the organization, products, projects
  • Team and practices assessment
  • Proposal of adaptation plans
  • Trainings  plan
  • Facilitation of ceremonies, support of Scrum Masters and Product Owners
  • Face to face meetings to identify further improvements
  • Agile metrics, agile implementation measurement & validation
  • Coaching onsite/online
  • Establishment of Agile groups inside the organization
  • Scrum Certification programs
  • Help with tools selection, installation and the usage
  • Visibility – communication of the plan to share the current status with management/stakeholders/teams