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What’s The Best Index Card You Came Across in Agile Tools

The card in ScrumDesk displays more details than paper index cards while still providing visibility.

I was really taken by surprise on how much flexibility a simple card is provided with literally being able to do everything that I could do on an index card in just one click.

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Its main advantage over other tools for Scrum is that it is strictly consistent with the methodology, at least in the sense that we understand Scrum.

Peter Liu

It’s amazing that I have received a response so quickly and your advice has solved my problem. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy ScrumDesk.

It is by far one of the most intuitive and well-thought-out scrum management applications I have tried.

I am currently reviewing it as part of our shift into using scrum as our development methodology and have made a recommendation to my manager.

Frank Torres

Departamento de Innovación, Consultec S.L

I’ve found all the functionalities I expected, and the members of the team are satisfied because they see the progress and the pending tasks.

I think it will be “the tool” I was looking for.

It’s a great tool and at first, when I was installing it, I received great online support.

Boris Gloger

Scrum Trainer

ScrumDesk is a big tool with many details and it’s not possible to cover them all in this review, but you can see that it’s a tool that can compete with the most known ones in the market and for the number of features they provide the price it’s not high as some people may expect….if you look for a high-tech tool, ScrumDesk is one that you can consider. (See article on Boris’s blog)

Robert Hale

University of New England, Australia

I found this product by accident when looking for something to better manage our product backlog which I’d previously been doing using Excel.

The transformation was near-instant. Even though we were mid-sprint at the time, within a morning I had entered the entire backlog into the product. The next morning, we had automated burn-down charts and management reporting on stories and project progress.

The only discipline we have had to enforce is for the team to update their progress but this is amazingly simple using drag and drop graphical task boxes which are moved between states (not started through to done). We opted for a local installation of the MS SQL Server database once we’d tried out the remote ASP model for performance reasons (but we are in Australia).

The application itself is .NET and has been slotted into our existing SQL server Windows environment without any problems or issues. Thoroughly recommended.

The product itself is growing all the time and the guys supporting it seem very receptive to user suggestions for improvements or enhancements the quality of support received to date exceeds that of the many much larger organizations I work with on a daily basis.

In short, this product gives us everything we need to manage our Scrum deliveries. The product has some ‘extra’ capabilities outside formal Scrum, but these don’t have to be used if you don’t want to use them. (such as using phases for delivery as well as sprints).

Our business clients like the product too and we had them sitting around the same table using the online planning poker to plan and estimate stories for the current sprint.

We achieved a 200 story point sprint for a team of the sprint in 2 hours which I just know that previously we wouldn’t have been able to do.

I have not thoroughly reviewed other Scrum products but just don’t feel the need to do so having used this one. It does everything we need; it works and the people who wrote and support it are only an email away if you ever need help.

Luboslav Jochman

Project lead

„The tool is easy to use, the team likes it. Our stand-up meetings are more effective.

Our project is part of a large distributed project. Since iterative development was used where we had used MS Project Server to allow team members to update the status of existing tasks.

During the system integration test phase it is necessary to investigate and fix findings continuously. We consider this test phase as a separate “project” where the tailored agile process can be used to optimize expected results like test round duration, quality of fixes… It is necessary to know the detailed status of all tasks daily. MS Project with such structure became lumpish and confused.

In the distributed project, it is also necessary to share information about the status of all sites on demand. The report must be clear without any complexity. Without such a tool, communication takes more time, especially in case of time shifts between sites.

We used SCRUM Desk for several sprints. The team took a liking to it from the beginning because it is easy to use, and it provides accurate information for the whole team. The flexibility of ScrumDesk helped us to use our experiences and customize data structure in each sprint. ScrumDesk team is interested in our feedback and can introduce our suggestions for the next releases.

ScrumDesk was provided for free for a limited period. Since our project and company are very large it is necessary to get agreement for each tool used from high-level management.”

David Laing

Director, EveryAngle Software Development, UK

„If you’ve outgrown your whiteboard or need to manage an Agile project with virtual team members, then ScrumDesk is the product for you. Unlike most project management software, it doesn’t get in the way but helps to automate the excellent Scrum processes in an intuitive and integrated manner.

Highly recommended!”

Artur Kasprzyk

President at Aion, Poland

„We’ve played a bit with the demo version, and it looks like the tool meets our requirements.”

Andrzej Pasterczyk

Software Quality Engineer

„I’ve looked at the changelog and it seems like there are some interesting improvements.”

Peel Ryan

Application development supervisor

„I am a huge fan of user stories and your product is definitely in tune with that. You have a nice smart-client application. You have a top-shelf product!”

Peter Sommers

„I think that it is an especially useful tool for project management. The concept of Scrum methodology is presented in a very intuitive way. We started to use this tool in our projects and team collaboration is amazingly effective. We can see the state of the project anytime we need it. We are fully satisfied whit the functionality of ScrumDesk.”

Vladimir Oleksak

Scrum Master

„We started to use this tool and feedback from the team is incredibly positive. The tool is simple to use and install but it follows SCRUM principles. We like intuitive GUI as well.”

Kevin Jones

Technical Samurai, Twisted Studio Ltd., UK

„Features on 3.6 look great can’t wait to upgrade from our 3.1, at least to 3.5 for the exports. Showed the team the features, they were equally excited to try them out.”

Algunas herramientas ágiles

„ScrumDesk is a management tool designed specifically to work with SCRUM, a more agile development methodology known. Allows automating basic procedures of SCRUM, such as the development of product backlog (list of high-level requirements sorted according to priority), the sprint backlog (list of tasks that must be completed within a period of between 1 and 4 weeks), or User stories. You can see here the list of features.”

Pau Larsen

IT Entrepreneur and Consultant, Software Inventions ApS

„What can I say – amazing.”

Will Leon

Technical Lead, Online Projects

„I am finding that it is an overall good product.”

Łukasz Majta

Novigo, ScrumMaster

„ScrumDesk is a very good and useful app for me and my team.”

Samuel Lim

„I like your product very much.”

Hans Janssen

CTO Founder & Owner at Triview, Netherland

„First Impression: “whow”’ …Nice interfacing guys! We’ve seen and developed a lot of manuals over the last 15 years. I can tell you that your manuals look very good, compared to a lot of others around the world …”

Aaron Eden

„We are very impressed with the capabilities so far.”

Ronda Roberts

„If you are a software engineer, or the Scrum approach appeals to you, you will love ScrumDesk.”

Andy Burton, Management Discovery Ltd.

Managing Director, UK

„Quite by chance I came across ScrumDesk. Not having come used Scrum before and rightly or wrongly believing it to be geared to software development, but it just seemed a fantastic tool to use for this project.”