Agile or Waterfall?

Well, yes and no.

Agile is not a silver bullet. It fits perfectly into an environment where a lot of changes need to be considered and people are able to adapt continuously. Non-agile approaches on the other side fit better for an environment where a lot of effort should be invested in upfront risk management, security, and safety due to rigorous processes.

That doesn’t mean, however, that agile practices can’t be used even in a non-agile environment. Daily standups, transparency via Kanban boards, a regular check of plans with help of release planning, and agile roadmapping might be very helpful. Practices like pair programming, code review, often feedback in regular reviews, and regular “lessons learned” (retrospectives in agile) help to achieve great quality of the product and processes.

So why stick to black or white when we can combine the benefits of both worlds? In some cases more from agile, in some cases more from the non-agile world. But be aware, that once you start with agile in your IT, business, and operation will be necessary onboarded soon as another way you will have a powerful engine without fuel soon.