Agile Transformation Metrics

Can be transformation measured? Hard to say…

One aspect of the transformation that can be measured are goals, problems, and the vision of the transformed company. OKR method is helpful here for the definition of objectives and key results. Problems need to be analyzed with root cause analysis. These root causes should be measured by specialized metrics so we are aware of how blockers are removed from the system.

So do you deliver faster? Do you improve the satisfaction of your customers? What about your employees?  How much do you innovate? What does it mean? How many requirements were still vague? Did you deliver your promises to the customers?

Another aspect of agile transformation is people who are part of it. All those team members, managers, product owners, scrum masters. How much do they apply agile principles in real life? How are they disciplined? Do they follow selected methodology like Scrum or Kanban? DO they apply XP practices? Are they satisfied with agile approaches? There are checklists available on the Internet, there are some tools. Our colleagues from ScrumDesk Consultancy do such assessments adapted for companies.

It is very important to use measurements for improvements, not for blaming! To identify system-level blockers, to improve the way of working. 

agile transformation metrics

Agile transformation metrics