Retrospective in Agile & Scrum

In Scrum, anyone from the team can tell his opinion or idea to get things better. ScrumDesk supports retrospective not only by writing ideas, but team members can also vote for the best ideas.

Every ScrumDesk retrospective card shows total points value so the team can easily identify most wanted ideas. What more, each team member can see his vote for ideas.

The idea can be deleted only by its author or by the Scrum Master.

retrospective idea
Team members are notified about the retrospective idea changes.

Retrospective idea implementation status

Ideas selected by the team should be implemented. The status of the implementation can be tracked on a card directly.

Every idea can be in following statuses:

  • New – a new idea, nobody assigned to implement it
  • In progress – the idea is currently solved by team member
  • Implemented – the idea is implemented now
  • Refused – there was a decision that the idea will not be implemented