New roadmap

A product owner takes care of one or multiple products at the same time. Sometimes your product consists of mobile applications for iOS, Android, SaaS applications, and API. It is not easy to manage such a portfolio and have transparency and an overview on a high level and in the details as well.

In ScrumDesk you can create a new roadmap to have an overview at the level you need. Maybe you need to see them in the same roadmap, however, you still might want to see more details separately per product, one for mobile versions, one roadmap for Saas application and another one for API details.

ScrumDesk enables the product owner to design multiple roadmaps, i.e. one for overview of the roadmap of the portfolio and additional per products, projects or teams.

Create new roadmap

Once you purchased (or apply for a 30-days trial) the ProductDesk module, you will find the ROADMAP menu item in the left menu scrumdesk roadmap agile scrum projejct management tool.

Click the ROADMAPS menu item at the top to display all roadmaps you designed already. In this list, you can create a new roadmap. Once the roadmap is created, drag it from the list to the desk to display it in the roadmap editor.

scrumdesk create new roadmap milestones agile planning scrum product owner

The newly created roadmap will display one lane, group and row by default. The timeline displays calendar on the top of the view.

Click an empty space to access the roadmap details where you can change the roadmap title and its description displayed to all team members.  Here you can limit the dates which the roadmap displays. This way you can have multiple roadmaps for quartes periods.

scrumdesk roadmap name description scrum project management