Retrospective techniques

In retrospective sessions,  agile teams used to gather ideas about what is good and what might be better. But this leads to boring retrospectives over time. Great Scrum Masters want to energize retrospectives so it is wanted by team members. There is one very easy receipt to try. Just changing retrospective format or technique helps a lot.

ScrumDesk enables now to apply the following retrospective techniques:

  1. classic Good vs. Better,
  2. Star Fish,
  3. Mad Sad Glad,
  4. 4L,
  5. Star Stop Continue,
  6. 6 Thinking Hats,
  7. The Wheel of Change,
  8. Speed Boat,
  9. PMI,
  10. Repeat – Avoid,
  11. WWW,
  12. KALM,
  13. DAKI,
  14. custom,
  15. and even possible to place a Kudo Box card to say thank you to your colleagues.

Click TECHNIQUES in the top menu to choose your technique and drag cards from the TECHNIQUES panel to the desk.

ScrumDesk retrospective techniques scrummaster

By selection of the technique, empty retro card templates will be offered in the list from which they can be dragged to the retro board. Cards are colored differently so they are easier to recognize on the board.

Physical retrospective cards

Printable physical retrospective idea cards templates for different techniques can be downloaded for free:

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