Roadmap Milestones

Have you promised an activity or some delivery to your customers? Is there a very important event that will happen in the sprint?

Track them with milestones in the roadmap and your team will not forget them.

Milestones management

As there might be multiple milestones in the project, ScrumDesk enables us to add them and manage them in the Roadmap items panel.

Milestones are listed in the separated section where you can access further details by click. To add a new milestone click on Add new milestone link displayed at the bottom of this panel.

scrumdesk roadmap milestone management scrum agile product

Milestones are displayed in the timeline scrumdesk roadmap milestone blue flag as blue flags which you can click to display further details like milestone name. The milestone can be deleted in the side view (details) panel.

scrumdesk roadmap new milestone agile product scrum project management