When will you need to move backlog item to other project?

There are different setups how agile teams work:

  • Most of teams keep all backlog items in the same project during project lifetime.
  • Some teams prefer to prepare backlog items in separated project and once is done, move it to the implementation project.
  • Some projects are even implemented by vendors, however backlog items are prepared by the client first.

In such cases product owners need to have possibility to move prepared requirement to other project, or to even assign it other organization.

ScrumDesk choose target organization and project move backlog item

How to move backlog item?

  1. Click backlog item card in WORK, PLAN, BACKLOG, or STORY MAP view.
  2. Click Move to project command.
  3. Choose target organization.
  4. Choose target project.

ScrumDesk move backlog item

Moved backlog item will be put into the target project.


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