In recent years, I have observed many easily solvable anti-patterns in practice that cause resistance and reluctance to implement Agile within companies.

Statements such as: “Scrum Master, team assistant,” “Let the Scrum Master log it,” “But the board belongs to the Scrum Master,” and “Why should I pay for a Scrum Master?” “Do I really have to attend standups as a Product Owner?” “Does there need to be a standup every day?” “Is it in JIRA?” “Do you have capacity planning?” “We have too many meetings,” “So much bureaucracy.”

And so on, and so on, and so on. Over and over again, the same issues.

Does Agile (not) work?

These situations motivated us at ScrumDesk last year to highlight these anti-patterns so that companies could realize what needs to be addressed and set up.

Agile is not about tools or processes. Yes, it starts with them. But suppose more critical aspects are not addressed early, such as the reasons for adopting Agile, expected benefits, current problems and their root causes, definition of the company vision, product portfolio, or even company values, followed by setting the right organizational structure based on product needs. In that case, Agile will only work as a veneer on rusty metal. It looks good, but the metal continues to rot from within.

For Whom and When?

We are pleased to invite you to a unique event that will serve as a premier gathering for everyone involved in Agile methodologies and practices.

The ScrumImpulz conference, organized by ScrumDesk company, is returning this year and promises even more thorough discussions on topics that affect the success of Agile implementation in our companies.

Date and Location: May 29, 2024, Hotel Senec

This conference will be enjoyed by Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, Product Owners, Project Managers, senior and middle management, and HR.


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We are very grateful to the speakers who decided to support us this year:

  • Chris Stone is an incredibly active Agile advocate not only on social media. Chris is recognizable for his visual presence, but his content captivated us mainly. Every post of his left us saying, “Exactly, he’s right.”
  • Vasco Duarte is one of the first Agile enthusiasts in Europe. He worked at Nokia and became a driving force in Scrum Mastership and its proper application. Do you know his Scrum Masters Toolbox, The Agile Summit, or the recently organized online The Product Summit? If not, you’re missing out!
  • Michael Lloyd. Few people are top-level in multiple frameworks. Yet Michael is framework-agnostic and grounded. You might also know him for his unique Dysfunction Mapping, which has helped many companies identify the root causes of their problems during transformation.
  • Katarzyna Leszcynska-Bohdan, mentor and coach for executives and senior management. Katarzyna is an expert in human emotions and psychology. Think this is far from Agile? Maybe you don’t realize how crucial psychological safety is during company changes.
  • Amir Peled, the first certified Agile trainer in Europe. But that’s not why he’s important. On the contrary, it’s his experience with Agile transformations.
  • Tomáš Porazil from Attacama. Perhaps you’ve heard about the significant investment in this company? If not, you certainly will. And about the products Tomáš, VP of Product Management, creates with his team.
  • Mladen Mitic, the recent CEO of Slovak Telekom. Mladen became the main sponsor of Slovak Telekom’s recent Agile transformation. This comprehensive transformation is still ongoing and affects not only processes but also organizational structure, product portfolio, and company culture.
  • Michal Korec, spokesman for Slovak Telekom, will help us as moderators because such an event deserves a professional to make the conference an experience.

Who Else?

You! You can also join the networking discussions, share your stories and learnings, and help the community avoid mistakes. And maybe, in return, you’ll get some help too!