Couple of weeks ago we were asked by organizers of Agile Meetups at Budapest to provide  Agile Games talk. It was great opportunity to bring not just a presentation, but to really show how and why agile is good way of work.

Agile transition is very often the current case in companies. Companies look for transition plans with measurable results. Unfortunately we see that even teams are promoted to be agile, one very important thing is missing – mindset switch. Mindset switch requires time and experience. It requires failures that are source of improvements. A fail is very important to happened early and often, especially at the beginning of the transition.

Agile games are great way how to  accelerate learning process. They provide a glue between the theory and practice. People would like to learn agile on theirs projects while still be safe. Games provide solution how to do examples project to real life. With the help of coach guiding your teams playing agile games you can not fail this learning.

At Budapest, we focused on games accelerating  agile transition. We focused on games helping to:

  • create good team able to self-organize
  • understand problems of the team and show they are the same across the industry
  • identify the same problems why agile was created
  • learn how to do agile in practice, in time boxes, in self-organized and collaborative  team
  • how to improve/adapt applying retrospective in non-tradition way

Agile games (for Budapest meetup)

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