ScrumDesk for Windows(retired): Step 1 – Create a new project

This articles series is an example of how to start using SCRUM in your projects with help provided by ScrumDesk.

Our example project will be an RSS Reader, an application that will provide easy access to RSS articles provided by many websites.

And we are starting right now…


Product Owner Scrum Master

1. Login to ScrumDesk

At first, is user required to log in. After the ScrumDesk starts, the Login dialog will appear. Enter your user name and the password. Also, don’t forget to check the selected database. In our example, we will use the database that is hosting all demo projects.

2. Create a new project

Pressing the Login button will the Projects dialog appears. As we want to create a new project, we will click on Create new project hyperlink in the right bottom window corner.

3. Define your project

After a few seconds will be a new project with the default name “Project *17*” was created. In this step, we will define our project.

Sprint length

The Scrum method split development time in timeboxes called Sprint. Sprint is typically 30 calendar days long. ScrumDesk is using working days. In the RSS Reader example, we will use 10 working days sprint length.

Bug tracking

ScrumDesk simplifies access to the web bug tracking systems by web browser integration. We don’t want to develop a new bug tracking system. We prefer integration.

For the RSS Reader project, we will use as bug tracking system ScrumDesk forum web pages.

Project documentation home page

Every project needs some kind of documentation.  ScrumDesk integrates views on your web-based documentation system (Microsoft SharePoint or some wiki system).

Enter as a project documentation web server.