ScrumDesk Windows Edition (retired)

ScrumDesk for Windows is retired

What happen?ScrumDesk Professional for Windows has been available since 2007. It was the fifth tool on the market at that time delivered globally.More than 98% of computers had Windows installed at that time. The Internet has been growing up. ASP.NET applications were modern and JavaScript started to be trendy for simple animations. Internet Explorer was the [...]

ScrumDesk Windows 6.0: Backlog Markers, Kanban plus Agile Coach

Top features of version 6.0 Product Backlog Visual Markers Boards Due dates for stories and tasks New design of story side view Themes for story templates Kanban boards improvements Kanban statistics and cumulative flow chart Project related retrospective ideas Product Backlog Visual Markers What is the biggest advantage of Agile? Based on feedback gathered [...]

ScrumDesk 5.7.31: Parking Lot Report. Release Planning

Parking Lot As a product owner, you often need to have an overview what is happening to your backlog.  Parking lot (suggested by Mike Cohn) provides a very useful overview. The version 5.7.31 brings additional filters based on releases and sprints. Release overview in Parking Lot: Sprint overview in Parking Lot: Stories Overview Do you [...]

ScrumDesk 5.7.30: Swimlanes, Story Details

Today's release contains more than 20 improvements we focused on. The main goal was to improve the editing of stories, planning, and provide better visibility of your  Kanban boards. Swimlanes in Kanban board Swimlanes in Kanban board brings visibility in complex backlogs. Button displays  menu from which users can choose based on what story attributes [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows 5.6.25: Custom Fields Export & Import

Custom fields export and import have been added to the latest version of the ScrumDesk for Windows. This is helpful in case the Product Owner needs further analyze the product backlog. Custom fields are used to evidence the company's specialties as budgeting, software components, systems or dependencies on other organization units. Changes: [New] Custom [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows (retired) 5.6.21: Changes Synchronisation

Few customers running the ScrumDesk repositories on servers at different timezone reported problems while editing stories or tasks in ScrumDesk for Windows. The values were not saved and previous values were loaded from the repository. This behavior is fixed now thanks to the collaboration with Andrea, Shane, and Satiapriya.

ScrumDesk 5.6: DropBox integration + WIP limits

Dropbox integration The latest version brings the possibility to link files stored in the Dropbox cloud service. ScrumDesk uses the Dropbox application model which means that only files stored in Dropbox in Apps/ScrumDesk folder are. The files might be linked to projects, releases, sprints, stories, and tasks as well. For more information read [...]

How to link files from Dropbox to ScrumDesk

The latest version brings the possibility to link files stored in Dropbox cloud service. ScrumDesk uses Dropbox application model which means that only files stored in Dropbox in Apps/ScrumDesk folder are available. The files might be linked to project, releases, sprints, stories, and tasks as well. How to link a file from Dropbox Click drop [...]

ScrumDesk BurnDown Charts, Synchronization improvements

This version fixes v.5.5 published the last week: Burn-down charts were not displayed correctly in some cases (i.e. sprint backlog contains stories with a long history). Fixes of the synchronization in five different cases (the first update in a day, update of a story in case tasks are changed, etc.). Minor visual improvements of [...]

ScrumDesk 5.4.12: Improved Background Synchronization

Thanks to all our customers who sent us very positive feedback on the last version supporting simultaneous editing of tasks. And thanks to customers who informed us about issues we did not identify. In the newest version 5.4.12, we continuously focused on improvements of background synchronization. Sync interval shortened to 1 second, changes are [...]

ScrumDesk 5.4.11: Simultaneous editing

We have something cool today. Something unique. An Instant Board By this version, you have an instant & continuously updated task board allowing everybody to have the current backlog on a desk. Simply to say it means simultaneous editing of stories. Edit title or description. Estimate story. Move a card or change the card's [...]

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ScrumDesk for Windows: All Features List

Ceremonies Project definition Product Planning Releases planning Sprints planning Parallel development of releases in one sprint Sprint execution Retrospective Estimation by Team Planning Poker® scale User Story Simultaneous editing Electronic Id Status Predefined + customizable workflow To do, Checked out, Solved, Completed Other details Title, Description, Acceptance criteria Planning Type, Theme, Tags, Release, Sprint [...]

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ScrumDesk Impediments Management

The latest build includes following changes. Installation Easier upgrade of repository Repository is possible to update directly from ScrumDesk directly. Only SQL Server 2008 R2 is supported. Please use Repository Manager in case your SQL server is 2005 or 2008 R1. This feature will allows us to distribute new versions smoothly. Quick filter in [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows 5.2.8

This new version brings two important features: support of Windows Azure cloud data storage project-level impediments and auto-upload of changed attachments We continue to add additional rules into the integrated coach module you found usable to identify gaps in your agility. We also have started a collaboration with agile coaches to bring more knowledge [...]

ScrumDesk: Integrated Agile Coach, an instant Agile Assessment

Coaching of teams has been always a great source of ideas for us. Many features in ScrumDesk have been implemented because of daily touch with real-life teams. You can benefit from that value built-in into our solutions what differentiate us from other project management tools. In coaching sessions, we observed typical patterns that appear [...]

ScrumDesk 5.2.3: Agile Analytics, Agile Coach module

Database is not necessary to update, only client application needs to be installed. New features Agile coach WebAPI accessible in Repository dialog Fixes Status of  a sprint indicated in Planning sprint list by color Double-click on release attachment in Search results do not open release detail window Double-click on sprint attachment in Search results [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows: The Change log

Stay updated with the latest development progress nearly every week. This Preview edition is published to get your feedback earlier so we can improve the implementation of your requests before an official release. Installation is available here. Change log: January 9, New features Rule: Impediments are not solved Coach - filter issues by [...]

ScrumDesk v.5.2: Filters, History, Emails

In newly released ScrumDesk we focused mostly on requirements of our users we gather in more than half a year. How to upgrade current installation Upgrade your database using the latest ScrumDesk Database Manager (for SQL Server 2008) Desktop client must be uninstalled first from Windows Control Panel/Add Remove applications Install desktop client application that is available [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows: API Attachments Limits

REST API is in Microsoft Information Server configured by default to transfer binary data of maximum size of 65KB. The size is configurable by parameter maxReceivedMessageSize in web.config file located in API directory. <standardEndpoints> <!--Defines a standard endpoint with a fixed <webHttpBinding> binding that automatically adds the <webHttp> behavior. Use this endpoint when writing a [...]

Using Yammer?

An email integration (to be available in the next version) allows all customers using Yammer (free private social network for companies) to share changes through it. All it is necessary is to put an email address into CC field of email configuration: post to network post to group post to [...]