Thanks to all our customers who sent us very positive feedback on the last version supporting simultaneous editing of tasks. And thanks to customers who informed us about issues we did not identify.

In the newest version 5.4.12, we continuously focused on improvements of background synchronization.

  • Sync interval shortened to 1 second, changes are synchronized immediately.
  • We fixed a few situations that were not synchronized in case of more complicated backlog changes.
  • Moving story to different sprint is synchronized now.
  • Burndown charts are updated instantly if your colleague did any change to story or task
  • Duration and remaining time were not synchronized in some minor cases
  • Fixed crash if a new team member has been added in another ScrumDesk instance and any task has been assigned to her.

We hope this version will transform ScrumDesk into a real-time online Scrum project management board.

You should be informed about available upgrades once you will start ScrumDesk. If not, then you can download the ScrumDesk for Windows. A repository upgrade is not required.

Do you have any requests or issues? Feel free to contact our support or write your comment on our forum.