API you asked for!

We are proud to announce av the availability of API.

ScrumDesk API provides a possibility to connect to project repositories via HTTP from 3rd party applications.


  • high reliability, no problems with firewalls
  • any client,  operating system,  technology, or programming language
  • REST interface, get data easy
  • drill-through, filter, and sort by the HTTP request

ScrumDesk company offers API in the following forms:

  1. for existing On-Demand customers, API is available on our servers. You will be asked for credentials to access your repository (database). Please enter {RepositoryName}\{Team Member name} as user name in login dialog.
  2. On-Site customers can install API on their own servers. Check the Installation guide on how to install API and configure it for your environment. The local installation requires Windows 2008 Server,  IIS 7, and ASP .NET 4 to be installed.

ScrumDesk API is Open Data webservice (OData) and supports different response types including ATOM, XML, and JSON.  As REST is natively supported you can use it from any iOS, Windows or Android-based application as well.



API is published as a preview. All functionality is available now. The functionality can be limited according to business packages in the future.

Contact our support if you would like to install it locally.

Did we mention that API is available now? :)