It has been ages since we, from ScrumDesk, attended and sponsored the first year of Agile Prague conference. Dozens of speakers, hundred plus people and a lot of knowledge and energy.

The day before the conference sponsors went out for dinner with speakers. In a very friendly atmosphere, I had an opportunity to get to know and talk to many great speakers. One was special because of her very warm and smiley attitude. At that time you didn’t have a lot of opportunities to meet agile coaches in Czech and Slovak Republic. She was one of them. Working for Skype company in Prague at that time.

That is how you recognize Silvana at any conference. I have met her couple of times since then and she was always smiling. I do not know how she does that. I have a feeling maybe because she is involved in a very challenging way of working. Being the Agile coach that helps people to find a different way of surviving in an era full of changes requires to radiate such support.

We are glad to announce Silvana as our next speaker you can hear and talk to at ScrumImpulz 2019 conference in Bratislava on May 30.

About Silvana Wasitova

Silvana Wasitova helps teams and companies achieve better results through applying and living Agile values and principles. Scrum practitioner since 2005.

Silvana lives and breathes the agile value of “People over Process”, and brings that to the forefront of her coaching work with teams and companies, while focused on the client’s audacious goals and desired results.

She has actively aided multinational enterprise Agile transformations in United States, UK, Germany and Switzerland with clients including Yahoo, Nestle, Skype, Microsoft, and a private Swiss bank.

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We would like to invite you to hear & meet Silvana
at ScrumImpulz 2019 conference on May 30,2019 in Bratislava.