We would like to invite you to attend the 7th year of ScrumImpulz conference, the only conference about Agile practices in Slovakia.

The conference is going to happen on May 30, 2019, in the Hotel Vienna House Easy in Bratislava city.

ScrumDesk company is, outside of Slovakia, known as the company delivering scrum project management tool. But, for more than 10 years, ScrumDesk Consultancy group also helps companies introduce Agile way of working. Part of activities of this group is also the ScrumImpulz conference which we organize in Slovakia since 2010.

What you to expect?

Two stages:

  1. The Conference stage bringing worldwide and local agile experts and speakers sharing their knowledge and experience coming from Agile transformations.
  2. The Agile Coaching Clinic where you will be able to meet local agile coaches, scrum masters and product owners who have the agile experience for many years.

What we will discuss?

  • Agile principles and culture.
  • Agile Transformation in institutions, challenges and successes.
  • Proper implementation of the Scrum framework, values and practices.
  • Scaled agile portfolio management.
  • Discuss your challenges with members of the local community.