Scrum is very disciplined project management method. Agile teams are successful because of a lot of agreements and scrum definitions for readiness or completeness that are improved by the team continuously.

Definition of Done

Do you understand #done the same way as your colleague? Did you break user story enough? Have you ever forgot to do some work and you realized that at the end of the sprint? 

That’s exactly why the definition of done is good for. It helps team agree on which kind of work needs to be done for a user story. What is a level of great quality you would like to achieve constantly?

There might be more definitions based on requirement type (defect might be different than user story). Also, there might definitions of done exist for sprint and release as well.

Task types

Agile teams are multidisciplinary teams so you should have an analyst, developer, tester or even operation role in your team. And everybody needs to find out an appropriate card on kanban board quickly.

ScrumDesk has supported colors of a task from the first version. An intent of this feature was to highlight the type of task and recognize them easily. An experience from our consultancy team moved this idea even further. In the latest version, we are introducing task types.

To assign the type:

  1. click any task card,
  2. click the type in side view,
  3. choose the type from the list.

The color of a card will be changed at the same time so your board will be consistent.

scrumdesk task types definition of done dod

Following types are predefined already:

  • Task
  • Analyze
  • Development
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Document

Do you need to change it? Add few others? Change the color? Just click Manage task types to customize types. In newly open panel scrum master can add new task type, or change existing one:

  • Click pen icon to rename the task type.
  • Click colored rectangle to change the color of task type. This color is applied to new tasks created on kanban board later.
  • Click trash icon to remove the type. This is possible only if there are not tasks of a deleted type in the project repository.

scrumdesk add task type management definition of done dod scrummaster

Task types can be assigned in Story templates as well. So you can add new stories to task types and correct color coding just by one click. No other tool is able to do it so simply.

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