As Agile is spreading more and more in the field, there is bigger opportunity you can meet people who are involved in Agile for many years already.

We at ScrumDesk appreciate a new project that help you to recognize:

  • who is who,
  • what the story is behind that person,
  • how can be given person helpful to you

The project Who is Agile? has been initiated by Yves Hanoulle (@YvesHanoulle) few months ago.  What a great addition into his products like Retroflection channel, pair coaching concept, Agile Quiz, etc. Btw., did you know this guy in his teenage burned down the house of his parents? But since then he  builds and builds and builds new stuffs.

With support of other editors  (Andrea Chiou @andreachiou, Marcin Floryan @mfloryan and Peter Doomen @AbOrigineMundi), the team collects life stories of agile coaches, trainers or significant community builders into one place.

Reading this book is great inside into the history of Agile, motivations which lead to deal with changes by agile approaches., and small personal/professional victories during agile introduction. Also, you might be surprised by roots of theirs experience, interests that bring so needed non-IT flavor into agile community.

The book is written & published in lean way as well.

Every week you can read about someone new and there is more than 200 life stories ahead of us.

The team publish the book via LeanPub platform and you can buy it from here The pricing model is interesting and mind challenging as well (starting at $4.49 with all future updates for free).

BTW. We are proud that thanks to Nicole Belilos and Alexey Krivitsky,  Yves did not forget to write about ScrumDesk co-founder, Dusan Kocurek as well :).

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