Planning Poker ®

Planning Poker ® window provides access to all unplanned stories with support for:

  • move around the backlog stories that are not started yet
  • timer for poker round
  • Fibonacci numbers + customer effort value
  • view on smaller, equal, and bigger stories

Planning Poker ® can be used during the estimation meeting. Team members select the story to estimate. Scrum master set time for poker round and then click button Start. The timer starts running and the clock will be displayed.

During this time every team member estimates the size of the story. After the clock hides, they can start to talk about their estimation.

The result on which they agreed is entered by clicking on the planning card button or entered directly as own value.

After the button has been clicked, the size of the selected story is set to a given number and the product backlog is divided into three lists displayed at the bottom of the window: smaller stories, equal stories, and larger stories.

PLANNING POKER ® is a reg. the trademark of ©Mountain Goat Software, LLC Sequence of values is ©Mountain Goat Software, LLC


It is possible to manage information about team members’ absences. These absences are displayed as a list, some kind of calendar view is planned later.

The user is able to set the planned date when an absence is going to start, how long this absence is going to be, and the reason for the absence. It is possible to delete logged users’ absences only.

Release end predictions

The prediction will be displayed as 4 lines (using Worst 3 Mean velocity, Maximum velocity, Last 8 Mean velocity, and Average velocity) in the Release burndown chart.

Task description

It is possible to enter a description for every task.


Taskboard enhancements:

  • Task delete and float numbers UI glitches. Fixed.
  • Stories sorting by priority
  • Tasks filtering
  • Statistic for every story, not only for columns
  • Assigning users to a task by drag and drop


  • Sprint End date and displaying average velocity.
  • Automatically selected last used project in Projects window.
  • Workload displayed in more places.
  • Detail of story and task can be displayed everywhere.
  • Stories split sometimes duplicated tasks in the original story. Fixed.
  • Button Impediments displays the number of opened impediments
  • Login dialog  – it is possible to save password
  • Login dialog – the focus is automatically set to password

Changed role Programmer to Developer

We changed the name of the role Programmer to Developer.