This version requires an update of repositories. You will need SQL Server administrator account to finish upgrade.

Custom fields

In this version users have possibility to:

  • keep custom data in custom story fields,
  • fields are displayed in stories grid in the Backlog and in Sprint views,
  • fields can be hidden or displayed in grid columns context menu,
  • data can be changed in story and task detail windows,
  • the names of fields can be customized in Project/Customization page.

We plan to continue in improving this functionality. Please let us know your needs by sending us an email to

Coach module

Integrated coaching module has been improved by possibility to customize which rules are validated. Every rule can be turned on/off  by click on small check box.  All hidden rules are still available by click on new filter option Disabled.

The description how to fix a problem is moved above the list of identified issues therefore it guides team members to solve the issue.

Further improvements

  • Further improvements of background synchronization
  • Fixed additional burn down charts issues
  • Stories with multiple tasks are synchronized correctly in case of multiple instances running on the same computer
  • Cards printed in document Backlog stories (as cards) are sorted by story ID by default
  • Possibility to sort stories by estimated duration in Planning view
  • Removed buttons marking story as an internal or personal. These choices are still available in the detail window