Do you want to produce more quickly with better quality than your competitors? Do frequent changes make your life complicated?

Scrum, an agile project management framework, changes the way how to develop and deliver products. It has a strong accent to adaptability towards requirement changes, shortening the development cycle, teamwork, and quality.

Workshop Scrum in real life explains fundamentals of the framework including roles and responsibilities as well as agile practices and metrics. You’ll learn how to handle a large number of requirements and how to estimate agile way.

We will explain to you Scrum through practical examples and games which you can utilize with your teams late when you get back home. This approach is proved to be successful by hundreds of attendees in the last couple of years.


April 7th, 2011, 9:00 AM


Hotel Maxinn, Pri Suchom mlyne 7, Bratislava, GPS  (48.17209598128045, 17.08077907562256)


  • Learn Scrum, roles, and ceremonies. You’ll get information about agile principles and other methods.
  • Use Scrum in practice during the workshop.
  • Learn how to estimate and react to frequent changes.
  • Learn how to prioritize requirements according to their business value.
  • Learn how to change your mindset to improve the development process.
  • Learn practical games and examples which come in handy for your teams while adapting to agile.


* Senior management
If you think about the transformation of your company to be more effective

* Product management
If you need to work with a big number of requirements and you want to deliver on time and on budget.

* Project management
If you want to solve the dilemma of the triangle Budget – Scope -Time.

Workshop Scrum in real life

Workshop Scrum in real life