ScrumDesk,  Agile Retroflection channel, and ALE un-conference organizers would like to ask you to  help us to choose

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Help us to make ALE un-conference more interesting

A couple of months ago has Jurgen Appelo started an initiative to establish a community of people who are interested in lean and agile and they are located in Europe.  ALE network has started in LinkedIn. During XP Days in Madrid, a group of people decided to support organizing the first ALE un-conference.

Where and when?

September 7-9, Berlin, Germany

Why attend it?

  • Why not!
  • A unique form of the conference organization.
  • The team of people who organize it as the self-organized team without any manager.
  • The team of agile coaches and speakers.
  • A lot of sofas with different topics – Website, Money,  Planning, Public Relations, Spouse/Kids, Communities, Facilitators, Participants