We introduce #ScrumImpulz 2018 speaker: Stanislava Pendziviaterova, Navigating Disruption – Why is integrated risk critical in Agile environments?

Stanislava Pendziviaterova is Certified System Information Auditor (ISACA), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls (ISACA), organizational agile coach and global speaker. She has over 10 years of business risk management and coaching experience across domains such as IT service delivery, business controls, internal audit, and organization transformation in an international environment. Stanislava is known [...]

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We introduce #ScrumImpulz 2018 speaker: Timofey Yevgrashyn, Agility as the way to survive – not just another fundamental study.

An experienced Agile thinker with project management, consulting, coaching and training expertise. His personal experience in IT industry is since 1997, from which more than 12 years he had been managing effective software teams with Agile methods. Over the decade, he is sharing the knowledge and experience as a Trainer, Agile Coach, and Consultant. [...]

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We introduce #ScrumImpulz 2018 speaker: Antonin Moravec, COO Kentico, Agile transformation – from developers to CEO

https://www.scrumimpulz.sk Tonda is a creative person who is happy when facing new challenges. Having worked in various roles, he has always been guided by the same question: “How can we make things better?” He is eager to help others to find a solution for tough problems or answer tricky questions. We often hear stories about [...]

We introduce #ScrumImpulz 2018 speaker: Fernando Colleone with his talk: Distributed teams and Agile – does it work?

https://www.scrumimpulz.sk Fernando helps globally distributed teams to become more Agile and deliver value to customers. Senior Project Manager with 13+ years of experience working with Information Technology and Services. Proven demonstration of client relationship building as well as leading global teams from all around the world. He is pro-active professional with a positive/can-do attitude towards [...]

We introduce ScrumImpulz 2018 speaker: Dany „Danko“ Kovatch about the right Agile culture!

The first Certified Scrum Trainer in Israel. Well recognized international speaker with unique ways of presenting. 5 years of service in the Israeli army in a special elite program. Served as VP R&D in several companies. Danko is best known for his great enthusiasm for Scrum. ABOUT THE TALK After figuring out the mechanics of [...]

We introduce ScrumImpulz 2018 speaker: Jan Majoros, eduScrum, the very real alternative for education process

Experienced Agile practitioner and active member of the Agile community. Jan has a long and successful career in management positions in corporates including Siemens. The enthusiastic person who uses Scrum for developing unique products, which helps to save peoples lives. His way of product ownership is coming hand in hand with knowledge sharing and spreading [...]

ScrumImpulz 2018: Martin Strigač, CEO Sygic, „Pracovať Agilne s rozumom“

Martin začal svoju púť v IT svete v Žiline ešte na škole, a neskôr, počas svojej kariéry, pracoval na rôznych pozíciách. Keď sa ako vedúci softvérových tímov a neskôr ako riaditeľ divízie dostal k Agile, produkt vyvíjaný pre zdravotné poisťovne bol z pohľadu klienta ale aj používateľov, veľmi úspešný. V spolupráci so scrummastrami, produktovými vlastníkmi [...]

How is Agile going to work in Slovakia in the next decade?

Ten years seem like a lot of time but despite that, a lot of people claim that Agile practices are still very young.   In 2008 we began to apply then unknown Agile, and back then we had completely different concepts compared to today. Agile seemed rebellious at that time. Essential, simple, something for non-bureaucrats and practitioners. The real discipline and extent of the changes [...]

Training Lean Change Agent in Bratislava, 11-12 December 2017

In today’s environment, change managers are under increasing pressure to deliver change at speed. They’re having to adapt how IT and Digital projects are being delivered around them. Senior stakeholders are looking to change managers to provide novel approaches to make change happen. Time to change how we do change What do we need [...]

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James Heidema, Agile for sales & nont-IT teams workshop

IT companies apply agile principles and methods to intensify the speed of delivery and its cadence while increasing the business value delivered to customers. But can be agile implemented in non-IT company as well?  The answer is yes. Agile is about principles, not technologies. It comes from industry and it has been adopted to [...]

Free webinar: Agile on their own for Russian speaking customers

We see a lot of people in Europe eager to know more about Agile. We see people who would like to know what does it mean to be agile, how to start with it and how to evolve into agile company. ScrumDesk company actively supports agile transition in Central and Eastern Europe region therefore we [...]

Scrum Practice Day, Bratislava April 4th

Come to learn Scrum by practice. Let's develop a product using all Scrum ceremonies including Agile practices with help of experienced Agile coaches. Language: Slovak, English When: April 4, 2012, 9:00 AM Where: Bratislava For who Agile teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Leadership roles, Project management, Product management, Business owners Purpose The purpose of [...]

Agile Prague and our special offer

Central Europe region doesn't provide a lot of chance to visit conferences focusing on agile. But September 2011 is different. Finally. Zuzana Sochova and her team have prepared Agile Prague conference that will provides more light to agile. Spend 2 days in beautiful Prague, share your experience and meet wonderful people. See more at [...]

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Where you should be beginning September? We suggest Agile Lean Europe Berlin!

We know the best place where to spend few days beginning of  September. In September 7th - 9th you have to be in Berlin! If you love Agile.  If you like to learn about Agile. If you like to share knowledge and experience across Europe! Because you will remember  Agile Lean Europe Unconference for quite long time! Meet great [...]

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Agile Lean Europe Unconference

ScrumDesk,  Agile Retroflection channel and ALE un-conference organizers would like to ask you to  help us to choose 4  coaching questions for  100 T-shirts as a gift for active participants. Bring questions to your teams to improve them! Vote for questions Help us to make ALE un-conference more interesting A couple of months ago [...]

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Workshop Scrum in real life in Bratislava, Slovakia

Do you want to produce more quickly with better quality than your competitors? Do frequent changes make your life complicated? Register Now Scrum, agile project management framework, changes the way how to develop and deliver products. It has strong accent to adaptability towards requirement changes, shortening the development cycle, team work and quality. Workshop [...]