Do Scrum correctly using scrum project management tool integrating an experience from agile transformations.

ScrumDesk is Windows desktop application that simplifies the life of agile team by support of all Scrum ceremonies and Scrum roles.


Product owners can manage backlogs through prioritization techniques based on:

  • business value,
  • risk,
  • MosCoW,
  • KANO
  • and other prioritization techniques.

Scrum masters saves time of scrum masters through:

  • integrated impediments management,
  • online notification,
  • role based permissions
  • and superb metrics and printed documents.

Teams get everything for self-organization:

  •  from capacity planning,
  • velocity tracking,
  • instant notification,
  • simple usage
  • and integration with other tools.

Coach teams to do Scrum correctly through integrated analyses built on experience gained in agile transformations.

iPhone application allows to access backlogs from anywhere.

3rd party applications can be integrated via REST APISynchronization Hub, email, Excel or messaging systems.

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