github logoGitHub integration

Is your project stored in GitHub while the project is managed in ScrumDesk? From now don’t forget to mention #ScrumDeskBacklogItemID in the commit, or comment, or wiki page title and the link to them will be added to the related backlog item stored in ScrumDesk.

Following events are supported:

  • commit comment,
  • wiki page,
  • issue commented,
  • new issue added, or issue title updated,
  • pull request,
  • push,
  • pull request review commented

To configure the ScrumDesk GitHub integration, go to Project Settings, click Integrations and then choose GitHub in the Webhooks section. Paste details displayed in this section into GitHub project Webhooks settings and check events that should be notified to ScrumDesk.

Bitbucket logoBitBucket integration

Another system we integrated with ScrumDesk is BitBucket from Atlassian.

Supported events:

  • push,
  • commit comment,
  • pull request created or updated,
  • comment,
  • issue created,
  • issue updated,
  • issue commented.

To setup the BitBucket integration, copy the link and paste it into BitBucket project webhooks settings and check events that should be notified to backlog items stored in ScrumDesk.

Import from Redmine

Do you work in Redmine v4 and want to try ScrumDesk, or even switch to better scrum project management solution then Redmine?

Import issues from the Redmine directly into ScrumDesk and continue in your project without interruptions. To import, go to Project settings, Integrations page where you will find IMPORT section and Import from Redmine v4 button. By click, you will be navigated with the import wizard.

redmine scrumdesk import integration

Minor improvements

  • Color codes in the timesheet report to better indicate the backlog and task type.
  • Cloned items were not found in Relations tab.
  • Time spent and remaining in Work by backlog item types and Work by task types charts are merged to better compare them with the estimation.