IT companies apply agile principles and methods to intensify the speed of delivery and its cadence while increasing the business value delivered to customers.

But can be agile implemented in non-IT companies as well?  The answer is yes. Agile is about principles, not technologies. It comes from industry and it has been adopted to IT.  Now, after more than 10 years of adoption of Agile in IT, the other industries can learn from gains gained in this adoption.

OpenAgile is an agile framework that brings Scrum similar approaches not just to sales teams. It is an open learning system that focuses on delivering the best business value to customers. It is based on truthfulness and systematic learning. It is created to help any team that needs to be organized, effective, and high-quality. In the tradition of open-source, OpenAgile is freely available to all. Anyone can learn about it, use it, and then contribute back to it.

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James Heidema, director of OpenAgile Centre for Learning, explains OpenAgile on May 10th in Bratislava. James is an author of bestsellers The Passionate Manager & The Passionate Sales Manager. James trained thousands of people in business.

Come to a 1-day workshop led by James to learn how to engage your teams.

When: May 10th, 2013

Where: Bratislava, Slovakia