Let us spread information about the possibility we are able to offer to users of ScrumDesk regardless if you use free or charged licenses.

ScrumDesk as the sponsor would like to offer a discount of 50€ to ScrumDesk registered users attending Agile Lean Europe unconference that will be held on September 7-9 in Berlin.  This is a pretty unique opportunity to attend due to many reasons.

  • It is not the conference; it is un-conference with the focus more on real talks, not just presentations.
  • The best coaches, trainers, and experienced agilest plan to participate.
  • It will be small compared to Agile 2011. That means much more interactive & human.
  • Speakers are the best you can hear this year in Europe.
  • You can come with your spouse and kids. There will be agenda for them as well! Isn’t unique?
  • Many nationalities and cultures will be there. Unique opportunity to learn & share. See attendees list.
  • It is affordable. The standard price is 250€, but you can apply our 50€ discount.
  • Talk to us! We would like to hear your feedback and requests in person.

I hope you could consider this event as a great opportunity to learn about Agile.

Contact us if you are interested so we can help you to apply for the discount.