Looking back into history of ScrumDesk

It is October 2013 7:00 PM. There it is. The first commit into our git with the newest web application we started to develop. From scratch.

But it is not the first one. We even had two other working web applications which were unfortunately not designed as we envisioned for the best scrum project management tool for small and medium size agile teams. It was not just about the design. It was about a vision, goals, principles, technologies as well. It was a time to build something so simple as a board. It was a time to extend kanban boards by productive surroundings.

And here we are. ScrumDesk is available for free for the public since March 2014. A new version has been available nearly every week (except summer).   New modules that help you design better products and improve your teams. New integrations. Agile coaching integrated into the application. The complex world of simple agile principles and practices.

Based on your feedback you found ScrumDesk as a very valuable tool. You even wanted to pay as provided value is very high in your opinion. And you expect further development of ScrumDesk with features that will continue to help your teams do Scrum correctly.

Change of pricing

Pricing of ScrumDesk is calculated as:

  • Free licenses
    • 4 user licenses for free for commercial organizations.
    • 20 user licenses free for non-profit.
    • All for free for academics.
  • Monthly charge per user license based on selected pricing plan, but only for licenses on top of free.
  • Plus one-time payment per module available in ScrumDesk Market integrated into the application.


  • Once activated, all module’s functionality is available to all team members without any additional cost.
  • Modules can be bought in ScrumDesk account page by account administrators.
  • The functionality will be available immediately during 30 days trial period.
  • Our sales will contact you after the trial period.

Available modules:

  • Scrum module is provided for free for always!
  • ProductDesk ($99) for user stories mapping, roadmaps, complex backlogs, personas, value propositions, etc.
  • RetroDesk ($70) for online retrospectives with 10+ retro techniques, voting, action items, etc.
  • RCADesk ($99) for root cause analyses, process optimization, etc.
  • KanbanDesk for support teams, or management of product backlog preparation. To be delivered in 2017.

User licenses pricing plans

The price per user license depends on the pricing plan you choose. In all editions are some free user licenses offered for always. You will pay for licenses on top of free only.

To activate the license just add new team member in ScrumDesk project. Our sales will contact you by an end of the month if a total number of user licenses reaches the number of available licenses in your current pricing plan.

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Have you been ScrumDesk loyal customer?

ScrumDesk has not been developed by us only. We highly appreciate all the effort & patience that you, our loyal users, invested into it.

Therefore, for companies whose users actively communicated with us in 2016 or prior in our user forums or via emails, we provide:

  • All the modules for free forever.
  • All user licenses which were active in October 2016 will be provided for free until the end of 2017.

That means everything for free for 1 year. Then you will pay for user licenses only. Thank you once again!

When is the pricing going to be activated?

For users who will register starting November 2016, the pricing is active automatically.

For users registered before November 2016 the procedure will be:

  1. Scrum module is available for free for everybody for always.
  2. If your team has less than 4 users (including fourth) you use ScrumDesk for free with Scrum module. Additional modules can be activated in your account settings with 30 days trial period.
  3. If you were a loyal customer, check please previous paragraph.
  4. If you were using ScrumDesk and did not propose any improvement, you will still get all modules during trial period fully available. Our sales are going to contact you then.
  5. The pricing plan will be changed automatically based on the number of licenses.
  6. An invoice will be delivered to your account administrator by the end of every month.


Should you have additional questions, contact our sales@scrumdesk.com, please.